19-year-old center back Kim Ji-soo (Seongnam FC) advances to the English Premier League are imminent.

Kim Ji-soo headed to London via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 21st. Kim Ji-soo ended his joining agreement with his Premier League club, Brentford. As soon as he passes the medical test, he signs his contract. The birth of the 15th Premier League player ever and the first Premier League central defender is in the final stage.온라인카지노

Kim Ji-soo made his K-League 1 debut as a semi-professional last year and drew attention. Kim Ji-soo, who is 192 cm tall and has a strong physique, has excellent build-up skills as his passes are accurate. With a seasoned defense for his age, he played 19 games in his first year as a pro and emerged as the future of Korean football. Recently, he participated in the International Football Federation (FIFA) Under-20 (U-20) World Cup and led the team to the semifinals, further raising expectations.

It also caught the eyes of Europe early. A number of clubs that saw growth potential sent love calls. There were even rumors that Bayern Munich, a prestigious German club, was also keeping an eye on Kim Ji-soo. However, it was Brentford that showed activeness by sending an official letter to the Seongnam club. He announced his intent to pay the buyout of $700,000 (approximately 900 million won), submitted a recruitment proposal, and reached an agreement.

Brentford did their best to recruit Kim Ji-soo. Regarding the joining process, he explained, “Brentford paid attention to my young age and saw the potential for growth.

This departure also showed Brentford’s readiness to provide tickets for his father in addition to Kim Ji-soo and his agent. Kim Ji-soo said, “The club provided an air ticket for my father for a week. Thank you.”

Kim Ji-soo’s confidence toward Brentford is overflowing. Kim Ji-soo, who has been dreaming of the Premier League since childhood, thinking of it as the best stage, said, “I still lack a lot. I will go with the mindset of learning.” showed a sluggish appearance.

Kim Ji-soo, who plays as a member of Brentford from the pre-season in the United States in July, aims to enter the first team. Kim Ji-soo said, “If I play the opening game right away, I think it will be a new feeling. I will get attention because it is a match against Tottenham Hotspur, so I will try my best to play.”

He continued, “I couldn’t believe there were so many famous players when I played against Tottenham in the K-League last year, but now I’m going to compete. I want to compete in the stadium.”

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