Reporter Lee Sang-wan = Tall defender Lee Gwang-joon (27), who will strengthen Cheonan City FC’s defense line, is preparing for the new season. It is expected that he will firmly protect the back door of Cheonan City FC as he is a defender who is good at interpersonal defense with fast speed, including the ability to compete for the ball in the air, making full use of his height of 191cm.

Lee Kwang-jun is pouring sweat by participating in Cheonan City FC’s winter field training in Chonburi, Thailand. As manager Park Nam-yeol has many demands on the defensive line, Lee Kwang-joon’s sweat is increasing. “I am working hard to adapt to the team atmosphere and training content,” said Lee Gwang-jun, “My peers are helping me, and the team atmosphere is good, so I am adapting quickly.” 스포츠토토

Lee Gwang-joon, who was selected as a priority by Pohang as a former youth team member of the Pohang Steelers, joined Pohang in 2018 after graduating from Dankook University. In 2020, he moved on loan to Gimhae City Hall in the K3 League, led by coach Seong-Hyo Yoon, and supported Gimhae City Hall’s league championship that year. He scored three goals in the 2020 season when he was a member of Gimhae City Hall, showing that it is possible to use the offensive advantage of his height in set-piece situations. He returned to Pohang in 2021 and played a total of 23 games on his professional stage until last year.

At the battery training camp in Chonburi, Thailand, intense training is continuing, with players saying, “The body won’t move after training.” However, Lee Kwang-Jun is enjoying the battery training in his own way, such as having a drink betting kick match with his teammates after training is over. He tightened the laces of his boots, saying, “Training is hard, but I’m enjoying it because I’m with my teammates.” Lee Kwang-jun, who knows how to enjoy hard training, is expected to perform well in the new season.

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