1st place in the competition ‘Otani 164.2km’, will Sasaki surpass the semifinals

 Ohtani Shohei is not the only Japanese superstar to embellish this World Baseball Classic (WBC). Sasaki Rocky is also attracting the attention of major league officials by showing off his speed equal to that of Ohtani. Sasaki threw 21 fastballs over 바카라100 miles out of 66 balls in a match against the Czech Republic in the Group B league on the […]

‘Major center fielder’ Kim Hyun-joon’s departure… Samsung met reefs before the season

1st team Kim Hyeon-joon (Samsung Lions), who took the starting center fielder position after two seasons of debut, is vacating at the beginning of this season. An unexpected ‘exploit variable’ occurred. The Samsung team delivered the physical 스포츠토토condition of Kim Hyun-joon, who complained of pain in his right wrist in the match against KT Wiz in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL […]

“Son Heung-min is world class, there is another reason for his sluggishness”… Tottenham Legend Point

O’Hara, who was the main player in Tottenham’s last championship, consistently highly evaluated Son Heung-min’s skills. On the 20th (Korean time), Oh Hara conveyed 온라인카지노her thoughts on Son Heung-min through Give My Sport in the UK. Son Heung-Min scored 23 goals in the Premier League last season to become the top scorer, but this season he has 6 goals as the […]

Philadelphia’s ‘300 million dollar shortstop’ WBC home run 1st place

The Philadelphia Phillies, who won last year’s National League championship, are smiling. This is because the bat of Trey Turner (30), who was recruited with a huge amount of money, is exploding. Turner is currently participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a member of the US baseball team. The USA defeated Cuba on the 20th (Korean time) to advance […]

“It’s complicated, everyone is doing well” heated ‘5th starting competition’, KIA’s happy worries

 “The situation is complicated. All competitors are doing too well.” For the KIA Tigers, one starting 안전놀이터 position is vacant. The competition among the candidates for the 5th selection was heated up. In the spring camp, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk selected Lim Ki-young, Yoon Young-chul, and Kim Ki-hoon as the 5 starting candidates. All three pitchers were given an equal chance in the […]

What is the ‘coaching’ we need in our time

 Yesterday (17th) an article caught my eye. He said that what Korean baseball needs is philosophical conviction and introspection. Reading it carefully made me think a lot. It was also an opportunity for me to look back on myself. Especially at the end, I was 메이저사이트 deeply impressed by Ichiro’s interview article. Ichiro said, “I don’t play baseball to leave numbers. I have a stone […]

Following the path of Kim Ha-sung, the home run king of the demonstration game. Group 1 growth project revealed by Yeomgalyang

 a promising star of the LG Twins, walks the path of Kim Ha-seong.메이저사이트 Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who raised Kim Ha-seong, who became the second-best shortstop in the Major League Gold Glove, during his rookie days, decided to apply that method to Chan-eui Song. Song Chan-ui has been in the spotlight since last year as a promising geopo. As he hit 6 homers […]

‘Sincerity’ of the failed NO guard… Edmon competed in the WBC without the protection

 It was early morning on the 1st. From 6:00 a.m., Incheon 메이저사이트Airport is crowded. After a while. Shabby airport fashion appears. A skinny hoodie, an unshaven appearance. It is clear that he is tired from the long flight. As he exits the arrivals hall, a crowd gathers. Dozens of camera flashes go off, and microphones are placed in front of a pile. It’s a bewildered expression. A few sentences […]

‘Hamstring injury → early return to camp’ Second baseman, who took a comma, is a prerequisite for returning to the first team 

“Rather than setting the time to return to the opening game, you need to be in perfect physical condition to return.”  Samsung Lions coach Park Jin-man explained 안전놀이터the conditions for Kim Ji-chan, who is recovering from a left hamstring injury, to return to the first team.  Kim Ji-chan participated in 113 games last year and achieved a career high with […]