Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who is writing new history in the English Premier League, says he can leave Manchester City at the end of this season. This is shocking news.

The Sun recently reported that Guardiola has made huge hints that he could leave Manchester City after winning their fifth Premier League title in six years.메이저사이트

Man City confirmed the championship on the 21st. There was no game on this day, but Man City won the championship when second-place Arsenal lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest in the 37th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at the City Ground in Nottingham.

Of course, Man City celebrated their victory in front of the home fans after winning 1-0 in the home game against Chelsea on the 22nd.

With this win, Guardiola achieved the feat of winning his fifth Premier League title in the last six seasons. However, Guardiola is shocking by hinting that he could leave Manchester City.

Guardiola, who took over as Manchester City manager in 2016, won his fifth and third consecutive Premier League title in seven seasons.

Looking ahead, Guardiola is ahead of the FA Cup final against Manchester United on June 3 and the Champions League final against Inter Milan on June 10. He has a golden opportunity to win the treble for the first time since Manchester United’s Ferguson. Sir Ferguson won the treble in 1999.

The rumor of Guardiola’s transfer came about because of an interview he had before winning the championship. Guardiola gave a rather ambiguous answer, the media reported.

In an interview with Sky Sports, when asked what his next wish would be if he won the treble, Guardiola said, “I have to win first. Then, if you ask me later, I will tell you my feelings and thoughts.”

Perhaps Sky Sports wanted to hear from Guardiola that he would “stay at Manchester City”, but delayed. It is a remark that led to the interpretation that he is now preparing to part with the team.

The reporter asked Guardiola again. He asked, “Have you ever thought that if you achieve the treble, there is nothing left to achieve at Manchester City?”

“We need to win the next three games,” Guardiola said. “Are you telling me the final against our city rivals Manchester United will be an easy one? Do you know what will happen against a strong Italian team?”

“I thought about it,” Guardiola said. Of course, if we achieve the treble, I will tell you about my future,” he concluded the interview. I didn’t say I would stay at Man City until the end.

Guardiola and Manchester City are contracted until the summer of 2025. Manchester City extended Guardiola’s contract at the start of last year’s season.

Meanwhile, Guardiola won 11 league titles in 14 seasons spanning Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City. He also won two Champions League and nine cup competitions. It is a ‘winner maker’.

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