Kiwoom Heroes Jeong Chan-heon (33) made a brilliant fight in the first appearance of the season, but did not receive support from other players for scoring.

Jeong Chan-heon started the match against SSG Landers of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 5th and recorded a loss with 2 hits, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 6 innings. 

Jeong Chan-heon,메이저사이트 who made his first appearance this season, perfectly blocked the SSG lineup until 2 out in the 4th inning. Jeong Chan-heon, who was hit by Choi Jeong and allowed to get on base in 12 batters, gave up the first run after stealing second base, and was hit by Guillermo Heredia with an RBI in a timely manner. However, the inning ended without any additional runs as Heredia was out while attempting to advance to second base. 

Jeong Chan-heon cleaned up the innings again in the 5th inning with a three-way offense. Jeong Chan-heon, who also came to the mound in the 6th inning, went down the mound after recording 6 batters in a row. In the 7th inning, when Kiwoom was losing 0-1, he was replaced with Lim Chang-min and finished the mound that day. 

Jeong Chan-heon, who recorded 62 pitches, recorded the lowest number of pitches in 6 innings in his personal career. This is the 7th best record in KBO league history. In 1991, Kim Jeong-soo (Haitai) recorded the minimum number of pitches over 6 innings as a starting pitcher, recording 6 scoreless innings with 54 pitches.

Jeong Chan-heon, who obtained FA status after the end of last season, was in danger of becoming a free agent because he could not find his team until the exhibition game was over. However, he was revived by signing a contract with Kiwoom on March 27 for a total of 860 million won over two years. 

Jeong Chan-heon, who was scheduled to start on the 29th of last month, but was canceled due to rain, was postponed to today’s match. He displayed efficient pitching, using curve (24 pitches), two-seam (20 pitches), fork (10 pitches), and slider (8 pitches). His two-seam top speed reached 141 km/h.

Jeong Chan-heon was responsible for the 6th inning with excellent pitching, but Kiwoom was unable to win in front of 16,000 full spectators who filled the Gocheok Dome. Jeong Chan-heon became a losing pitcher even though he pitched well. This is because Kiwoom’s other line failed to score a single point while Jeong Chan-heon tied SSG’s other line to one run. Kiwoom, who had been ranked ninth in points scored per game (3.89) this season before the game, played a game that day as well, with batters unable to properly target SSG starting pitcher Oh Won-seok and being dragged away. After successfully making his first appearance of the season, Jeong Chan-heon promised his first victory of the season as follows. 

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