Men’s volleyball KEPCO’s momentum is frightening. 4 wins in a row by beating leading teams such as Korean Air and Hyundai Capital. The team, which struggled with 9 consecutive losses until last month, has risen to 4th place, the final line of ‘Spring Volleyball’. The difference between Woori Card and 3rd place is only 1 point.

KEPCO beat Hyundai Capital with a set score of 3-1 (20-25 25-22 25-12 25-23) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League home game held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th and added 3 points. It is a win in the last 4 matches. It started with Hyundai Capital on the 23rd of last month, and defeated KB Insurance on the 27th of last month, Korean Air on the 2nd of last month, and Hyundai Capital again on the same day.

The start was not good. In the first set, the opponent’s strong serve shook his receive, so he couldn’t attack properly. The receiving efficiency was only 21.05%, and only the opponent’s blocking gave 6 points.

The power of KEPCO came out in the middle of the second set. At every juncture, foreign ace Thais succeeded in attacking with high RBI. In a situation where they were trailing 10-13, KEPCO tied the score at 15-15 with Thais’ 3 points. After reaching the 20-point range, Thais became the number one contributor to winning the set by bursting with sub-aces and back attacks one after another in the battle. Seo Jae-deok, who was somewhat quiet in the first set, also played an active part in the second set with 5 points from the front and rear attacks to the sub ace.

The third set was similar. At every turn, Thais blew fire, and Seo Jae-deok shook the opponent’s defense with a high-probability attack. In a situation where they were trailing 17-19, Tais took the right to serve with a quick open, and made a turnaround with two consecutive serve scores. Seo Jae-deok succeeded in running away from 21-20 and then put in a serve ace to end the set. 바카라사이트

In the 4th set, KEPCO showed the strength of its recent winning streak. It was pushed to 1-6 at the beginning of the set, but it did not shake. Again, it was Thais. After making the team’s 4th point with a quick open, he alone was responsible for the team’s 6 points until the 9-8 reversal. Tais led the team to victory by making a match point with a quick open even in a situation where they were being chased by 23-22 by 1 point.

The Thais scored the most points on the day with 27 points, including 4 sub-aces. Seo Jae-deok also scored 18 points with an attack success rate of 55.17%.

KEPCO was suffering from the worst sluggishness just a month ago. Until the match against Woori Card on the 10th of last month, they had not won for 42 days and recorded 9 consecutive losses. However, after escaping from a losing streak, KEPCO’s performance has changed remarkably. From the match against Woori Card to today’s game, 7 matches, 6 wins and 1 loss. It is especially encouraging that there is a back heart that has never been seen before. During the 4th consecutive win, all but 1 game against KB Insurance lost 1 set first and won the game.

In an interview after the match, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min joked, “I think I need to get hit first to come to my senses,” and said, “It feels good to win, and I’m grateful to the players.” Seo Jae-deok said, “The first set is the best set for the opponent’s serve, but it seems that they couldn’t hold on to that part and passed it over.” It seems like a good game is coming out,” he said.

KEPCO recorded 38 points (12 wins and 14 losses) with the victory that day, pushing OK Financial Group by one point and rising to fourth place. Third place Woori Card (39 points, 14 wins and 12 losses) is also visible.

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