This is how a National League holdout’s bid for the title falls apart.스포츠토토

Brooks Reilly (35, New York Mets), who returned to the majors after amassing 48 career wins with the Lotte Giants of the KBO and has made a seamless transition to the bullpen. With 19 saves this season, Reilly is tied for fourth in the National League in saves with Steven Rogers (San Diego Padres, 19), behind Taylor Rogers (San Francisco Giants, 22), Joel Phelps (Milwaukee Brewers) and Tanner Scott (Miami Marlins, 20+).

He has a great chance to win his first individual title since returning to the majors in 2020. After signing a two-year, $10 million deal with the Tampa Bay Rays, he was traded to the New York Mets before the season. For Railey, it’s a valuable time to build his resume as a prospective free agent.

However, he won’t get many more holds. The Mets have underperformed this season, forcing them to sell at the trade deadline. On April 28, they dealt closer David Robertson to the Miami Marlins. There was even talk of a possible trade for Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer.

In any case, once Robertson was gone, the Mets’ back door was in charge. On the day of the Robertson trade, Railey pitched one inning of scoreless relief against the Washington Nationals, striking out one and walking none. It was his second save of the season. Against the Nats on Sept. 29, we got a clearer picture of Railey’s use off the bench.

Reilly came in as the closer again. This time, it was the top of the ninth inning with a 5-1 lead. He struck out leadoff hitter Stone Garrett on an 81-mph sweeper on a 2B2S pitch. Luis Garcia followed with a sweeper to his body, but he got Ildemaro Vargas to ground out to shortstop on a sinker to end the game.

It was a four-run game, so no save was awarded, but it was clear that the Mets viewed Railey as a closer. In 45 games this season, he’s 1-4 with a 2.43 ERA and 19 saves, his most reliable stretch since his major league debut in 2012.

To start the season, the Mets closer was neither Reilly nor Robertson, but Edwin Diaz. But Diaz suffered a freak knee injury in March during Puerto Rico’s second-round victory in the World Baseball Classic that put him out for the season.

The closing baton was then passed from Robertson to Reilly. It’s unlikely that Reilly will be able to break her own single-season record of 25 holds (2022), let alone challenge for the title. However, being recognized for his ability as a closer could be good for his value in 2023-2024 free agency. In that sense, trading Robertson is not a bad thing for Reilly.

[Reilly. Photo = Getty Images].

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