With Deoksu High School’s Shim Jun-seok (19) signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the down payment has emerged as a hot topic of interest. In the end, it is known that he signed for an amount that did not meet expectations, but Shim Jun-seok’s expression was bright. Because his purpose is a challenge, not money. 

Shim Jun-seok, who is about to graduate from Deoksu High School, realized his dream of advancing to the United States by signing a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Major League National League Central District on the 16th. 

After the contract, the primary interest was the down payment. It was because local expectations for Shim Jun-seok were high. Shim Jun-seok, who threw the fastest ball in Korean high school baseball last year, chose to challenge the major leagues without applying for the 2023 KBO draft. Since his freshman year at Deoksu High School, he has already thrown a fastball over 150 km and attracted the attention of major league scouts. 

As a result, the prevailing view was that Shim Jun-seok’s down payment would exceed at least 1 million dollars. Pittsburgh is a club that invested a significant down payment of $1.25 million in Bae Ji-hwan in 2018. Furthermore, there was even an observation that Shim Jun-seok surpassed Kim Byung-hyun’s $2.25 million, the highest contract ever in the Korean league, and the size of his contract heated up the media every day. 

According to foreign media, Shim Jun-seok’s down payment is known to be less than 1 million dollars. Pirates Prospects, an American media, reported on the 17th that Shim Jun-seok signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates for a contract of 750,000 dollars. Of course, this is just an estimate, and the Pittsburgh club has not officially announced the size of the contract. 

On the 24th, Shim Jun-seok’s expression was bright when we met him at the departure hall of Incheon International Airport. The joy of achieving his dream of entering the US made him forget the size of his down payment. Also, money is not an important value to him now. 헤라카지노

Shim Jun-seok said, “The contract money was not announced accurately, but he did not mean that the club deliberately tried to hide it. I’m not really thinking about it because it was done by the team,” he said. “I’m satisfied with the down payment. In the eyes of others, it may be considered a very small amount, but that is not important. You just have to work hard to get the money and then collect it.”

Shim Jun-seok wants to experience American baseball in a Pittsburgh uniform as soon as possible. Shim Jun-seok, who searched for Pittsburgh’s home stadium, PNC Park, several times at home, said, “Pittsburgh club officials told me in detail how I should grow in the future. The club’s system and training method are also good.” I will definitely succeed and come back.” 

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