Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = It is an opinion that it is not wise for Declan Rice to choose to move to Arsenal.

British media ‘Express’ reported on the 10th that Glen Johnson from Liverpool commented on the rumor of Rice’s transfer to Arsenal.

“It’s a strange season for Arsenal,” Johnson said. It’s running fine now and looks great. But, will it last? I don’t think so.”

“Even if Arsenal wins the English Premier League (EPL) championship trophy this season, teams like Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool will not be sluggish next season,” he predicted. 바카라

Along with this, “Arsenal will finish 4th or 5th next season. I don’t think Rice will transfer,” he predicted.

After moving to West Ham United in 2015, Rice made his professional appearance and immediately established himself as a key player. Despite his young age, he was a team starter thanks to his stable performance.

Due to his steady performance, he has been dubbed the best defensive midfielder in the EPL. He also showed off his presence at the World Cup in Qatar as a representative of England.

Rice is 23 years old and is evaluated as a resource who will be responsible for the present and future at the same time, and big clubs are paying attention.

Rice was weighed down with a transfer to Chelsea, but the mood has changed as Arsenal recently joined the scout.

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta dropped the spot, and Rice is also known to have responded positively.

However, there were voices opposing Rice’s transfer to Arsenal.

Arsenal have been excellent this season and, even if they win, won’t be able to sustain it until next season, so in Johnson’s opinion it would be prudent to choose another team.

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