The BDH Foundation and the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled signed a business agreement on the 27th to successfully host the 2025 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) regular general meeting at the Icheon Training Center of the Korea Disabled Sports Association. The signing ceremony was attended by key officials such as Bae Dong-hyun, chairman of the BDH Foundation, and Chung Jin-wan, chairman of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled. 

The main contents of the business agreement are sponsorship for hosting the IPC regular general meeting in 2025 and successful hosting, hosting of the IPC Athletes Forum and Executive Committee in 2023, and international official development assistance (ODA) support projects. Through this, the plan is to expand support for sports for the disabled at home and abroad and to strengthen Korea’s sports diplomacy.

Bae Dong-hyun, chairman of the BDH Foundation, was appointed as the team leader for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games by the Korea Paralympic Committee after the agreement ceremony. The appointment of the team leader for this Paralympic Games is faster than usual. This is to closely examine the entire process from training to participation in the competition with the athletes and promote mid- to long-term preparations for participation. 

Chairman Bae Dong-hyun, who has been in charge of the Summer Paralympics following the Winter Paralympic Games, said, “This year is an important time when international competitions by event are held in earnest to secure the right to participate in the Paris Paralympic Games.” We will fully support it,” he said. He continued, “The BDH Foundation will continue to work together with the Korea Paralympic Sports Association to develop sports for the disabled not only in Korea but also around the world.”  스포츠토토

Chairman Bae has served as the president of the Korea Para Nordic Ski Federation since 2012, and served as the team leader of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games. In 2015, the first private company in Korea founded the ‘Changsung Construction Nordic Ski Team’, contributing to the team’s Shin Eui-hyeon winning the first gold medal in the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games. In March of this year, an additional disabled shooting team will be established to operate a full-fledged sports team for sports for the disabled. 

In addition, since 2022, Chairman Bae has been at the forefront of the development of sports for the disabled and the realization of corporate social responsibility, such as regularizing scholarships for athletes with disabilities and students majoring in special sports at the Changsang Society. On February 7 of this year, the BDH Foundation was established to support sports for the disabled, and plans to expand international official development assistance (ODA) support projects, such as training disabled athletes and supporting infrastructure, not only in Korea but also in developing countries. 

In addition, in June of this year, together with the Korean Paralympic Sports Association, we strive to sponsor the successful hosting of the IPC Athletes Forum and IPC Executive Committee, which will be the first in Korea to be attended by about 150 athletes from all over the world, and to strengthen the status of Korean disabled sports and sports diplomacy. We decided to continue our cooperation. 

Meanwhile, the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games will be held in Paris, France from August 28 to September 8 next year, and South Korea aims to participate in 15 sports and 150 athletes.

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