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A series of pre-game events for the Baseball All-Star Game were cancelled due to rain.

Luckily, however, the rain subsided and the Futures All-Star Game was held as normal.

Kim Soo-geun reports.

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Five hours before the start of the Futures All-Star Game.

Fans are gathering one by one to watch the first Sajik All-Star Game in 16 years.

However, the rainy season is in full swing.

The Little League All-Star Game and other pre-game events were cancelled.

Baseball dreamers from all over the country swung umbrellas instead of bats to ease their disappointment.

[Kim Jang-woo/Busan Seo-gu Little League player]
“‘Please stop the rain. Today’s game, let’s run on the field,’ I was praying. I wanted to step on (the baseball field) once, but it’s really too sad.”

The batting experience area was also operating without players, but fans were desperate for the game to go ahead.

[Dajin Jeong/baseball fan]
“I was curious to see how the second-team players were doing, so I came here. I keep looking at the weather app and it says it’s going to stop raining, but it keeps raining, so I’m a little worried.”

LOTTE’s Kim Min-seok, who was selected as a KBO All-Star, held a brief autograph session for the waiting fans,

“Please sign my jersey once”

Samsung’s Kim Young-woong, who was selected as a Futures All-Star, placated fans by taking selfies with them.

[Choi Eun-hye/Baseball Fan]
“Thank you so much, I was so nervous. I hope he (Kim Young-woong) will stay healthy and protect our Samsung infield at third base until the end of the season.”

The fans’ prayers reached the heavens.

An hour before game time, the tarp was removed and the Futures All-Stars showed off their skills in front of the fans.

The KBO League All-Star Game, scheduled for tomorrow, will be postponed to the next day if it rains heavily, and cancelled if it does the same the next day.

I’m Kim Soo-geun for MBC News.

Reporting by Lee Sang-yong / Editing by Kwon Tae-il

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