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Candidates for the National Team Head Coach Bento’s departure Overseas coaches are constantly being discussed.

Local media reported that Chichi, the former Brazilian manager, had turned down the position of our manager.

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He is the mastermind who led Brazil, which faced our national team in the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup.

Local media reported that former coach Qi Chi had turned down the job of coaching the Korean national team. 스포츠토토

He resigned after being knocked out in the quarterfinals of the World Cup and currently has no team.

He was offered to take over the Korean national team in the 2026 North and Central America World Cup qualifiers, but he said no.

Recently, there was also an overseas media article that the Football Association contacted former Valencia coach Bordalas from Spain.

It seems that the work to find Bento’s successor in command tower is steadily progressing.

Suwon Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer to Scotland Celtic is now in an atmosphere that is close to an agreement.

British Sky Sports said, “Celtic is confident in signing Oh Hyun-gyu,” and said, “We have a plan for a medical test.”

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