LG Twins captain and shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (33) was angry at the referee’s decision and couldn’t control his anger.

It is a situation 안전놀이터where a player can express dissatisfaction with the judgment while playing a game, but it is a situation that can come out enough during the game, but he expressed his anger in front of a child fan who visited the baseball field as a family on the weekend, leaving a great disappointment.

Right above first base, where Oh Ji-hwan threw his bat, there were table seats, and there were many children fans wearing LG glossy jumpers and visiting the baseball field with their parents.

On the 29th, Oh Ji-hwan started as the shortstop for the third batter in the home game against the KIA Tigers at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. The problem occurred in the bottom of the third inning. Oh Ji-hwan, who entered the at-bat with second out and first base, struck out three pitches and protested to referee Ham Ji-woong, the referee of the day, before returning to the dugout and hitting the bat.

When the bat did not break, Oh Ji-hwan hit it once more. Then the bat shattered, and Oh Ji-hwan returned to the dugout with his handle thrown down.

On this day, LG welcomed the first full crowd of this season (23,750 seats sold out) at its home stadium. Oh Ji-hwan seemed to be unable to control his anger when he struck out in front of a packed crowd with his team trailing 0-4 from the start.

Also, it is said that he set an example as a captain in terms of team awakening, but the behavior of throwing and breaking things in anger is frowned upon by those who see it.

Boos poured out in the hall. And the child fans were watching the scene vividly.

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