The Chinese media is misleading Son Jun-ho (Shandong) again. He put out reports of China’s efforts to tackle anti-corruption practices.

On the 19th, said, “From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, after the anti-corruption ‘Hurricane’ that mainly affected the management of the Chinese Football Association occurred, Korean soccer team Son Jun-ho was investigated. This proves that anti-corruption has been proven.” It was as if Son Jun-ho had committed a crime.

Son Jun-ho’s team, 메이저놀이터Shandong, was recently investigated by the public security for coach Hao Wei for match-fixing. However, as Son Jun-ho was arrested while trying to leave China via Shanghai Airport on the 12th, the possibility of match-fixing charges came up, but Son Jun-ho’s agent said that he was being investigated for bribery charges, not match-fixing.

Son Jun-ho has been detained at the Public Security Bureau in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province for over a week. What China is revealing is that Son Jun-ho’s charges are bribery of non-public officials. This applies to cases where a corporation or individual other than a state agency illegally receives property belonging to another person. After all, he is investigating the possibility that he may have been involved in match-fixing or bribery cases. said, “This investigation into Son Jun-ho is a very symbolic event that proves that the intensity and scope of this soccer purge is unprecedented.” I am realizing it,” he said, and was proud that the arrest of Son Jun-ho made him interested in China’s anti-corruption work.

[OSEN=Seoul World Cup Stadium, Reporter Choi Gyu-han]

“Son Jun-ho’s detention shows how widespread anti-corruption is in Chinese football, and what drew more attention was his status as a member of the Korean national team,” he said. “Son Jun-ho is only a part of this measure. It is to prove that the game manipulation has come from overseas, and to prove that the extent and intensity of it can be imagined.”

Chinese media are making absurd claims. said, “Son Jun-ho categorically denies the allegation. However, it has already caused irreversible damage to his image and career. This incident has had a huge negative impact on the Chinese football world, reducing public trust and love for football.” He made an outrageous criticism.

Even the media insisted that Son Jun-ho prove innocent, rather than asking the police to prove guilt. It was the ‘principle of presumption of guilt’, not the ‘principle of presumption of innocence’. said, “Then, what should Son Jun-ho do?” “He must prove his innocence to the public. He just needs to submit relevant evidence and materials. He must also correct his inappropriate behavior within the game. Director and coaching staff He can apologize to and take responsibility for it, or he can do self-criticism and reflection. Finally, he has to reexamine his place and value in football,” he said, making an absurd claim. said, “The anti-corruption crackdown in football is still blowing hard on Chinese football, and many people, from top management to coaches, players, agents, etc., are under investigation.” “The future of Chinese football will open only when Chinese football undergoes a thorough anti-crime crackdown and completely recovers its atmosphere.”

[OSEN=Seoul World Cup Stadium, Reporter Ji Ji-jun]

[OSEN=Seoul World Cup Stadium, Reporter Lee Dae-sun]
The South Korean Consulate General in Shenyang, China, is known to have interviewed Son Jun-ho, who is currently in custody, on the 17th to conduct a fair investigation. In response, the consulate general said, “The interview lasted about an hour, and I was told there was no human rights violation from the player.” Chinese media reported that if Son Jun-ho’s bribery charges are found to be true, he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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