Boston Red Sox prospect Sedan Rafaela (23) set an extraordinary milestone with his quick feet.,토토사이트 the official homepage of the Major League Baseball (MLB), reported that ‘Rafaela succeeded in stealing 6 bases, a franchise record, in a minor league Double-A game’. Although he fell short of Rickie Henderson’s 7 stolen bases in 1977, the record for the most in a minor league game, he surprised viewers with his tremendous running sense. Rafaela’s team, Portland, broke the team record (previously 6) with 9 stolen bases. The most stolen bases in a game in Portland history was 4, set by Jeremy Hazlebaker (former KIA Tigers) in July 2012.

Stealing 6 bases in a game is not common in MLB. According to, only four players, Eddie Collins (then the Philadelphia Athletics) in 1912, Otis Nixon (then the Atlanta Braves) in 1991, Eric Young Jr. (then the Colorado Rockies) in 1996, and Carl Crawford (then the Tampa Bay Rays) in 2009. It is a great record.

Rafaela is ranked second in the 2023 Boston Prospect Ranking by He received a score of 60 on the ’20-80 scale’, which evaluates the talent of a prospect with a maximum of 80 and a minimum of 20 (average of 50). He recorded 23 stolen bases in Single-A in 2021 and 28 stolen bases in top Single-A and Double-A in 2022. He stole 16 bases in 27 games this season. Rafaela’s goal this season is 30 steals.

He said, “Stealing has been part of my game since the day I signed (with Boston). That’s why I’m always working on it every day.”

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