Joel Embiid, who has established himself as the best player of this regular season, received an ‘unexpected big gift’ from teammate James Harden.

On the 4th (Korean time),ㅋㅋㅋ벳 Harden of the Philadelphia Sixers, who appeared at the training ground in TD Garden, Boston’s home stadium, gave Joel Embiid a big gift. It was a gift of a golden Rolex watch engraved with ’23 MVP’.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, a local American newspaper, reported on this and estimated the value of the watch at about 100,000 dollars (130 million won).

For Embiid, who boasts an annual salary of tens of billions, this could be one of the common gifts. However, after accepting the watch from Harden, he showed Chae Yi with his mouth wide open to the reporters, and showed off Chae Yi holding the watch in his hand for a whopping 30 minutes.

Embiid’s performance was truly amazing. He averaged 33.1 points (1st), 10.2 rebounds (7th) and 4.2 assists (49th) per game in the regular season. James Harden, who helped him, surpassed Trae Young and ranked first in game average assists (10.7), contributing to Embiid’s MVP award.

The two players played side by side in the second game against Boston on the morning of the 4th, but despite Embiid’s devoted defense, the opponents Jaylen Brown (25 points) and Malcolm Brogdon (23 points) played the game 87-121 in the second game. (Series 1-1). In particular, the 3rd quarter, where only 7 3 points were put into the rim, was left with regret.

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