While enjoying the V-League, there are times when I have questions. This is when the players who performed well in international competitions last season or during the off-season are not visible on the field. Most of these sudden disappearances are struggling with long-term injuries. Each player has a different injury site, cause, and rehabilitation period, but the goal is the same. It is to go back to the stadium, breathe with your teammates, and show off a healthy image to the fans. <The Spike> tells the current situation of three long-term injured players who are sweating for time to shine again in their respective positions.

Despite the bad luck ahead of the first full-time season,

“I’ll come back stronger!”

Hwang Yun-seong joined Hyundai E&C as a training player after being called by head coach Seong-hyeong Kang last season. Later, during the season, he was converted to a full-time player, and on January 11, in a match against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, he made his debut match as his one-point server. However, Hwang Yun-seong, who is in his first full-time season, cannot be found on the court. This is because he suffered a cruciate ligament injury in his knee while landing during training.

Hwang Yunseong said, “Now is the initial rehabilitation process. He was told it would take about 8 months. He explained the current situation, saying, “The exact time of his return is undecided, but he will likely return during the off-season next year.” When asked about his rehabilitation process, he said, “In the morning, I do simple cycling exercises and initial rehabilitation. In the afternoon, he does knee strength exercises, core exercises, and upper body weight training. I take a break on the weekend,” he said.

Hwang Yun-seong could not hide his regret at the misfortune that came in his first full-time season. He said, “I couldn’t start the season together last season, and I was sad and upset that it happened this time too. It was his first long term injury, so I wasn’t sure where to start with his rehabilitation and it felt weird. He sometimes feels like he’s falling behind alone,” he said. At the same time, he also revealed a positive mindset, saying, “It’s hard, but I’ll prepare hard and become stronger.”

Hwang Yunseong did not forget to thank the people who helped him through the difficult times.

“It seems that the driving force to overcome the difficult rehabilitation is the family. I was encouraged by the good and positive stories from the side. Also, it was a great comfort to me that the members of the team comforted me by telling me stories about their experiences.”

Hwang Yunseong’s head was always full of volleyball. “On rest days, I just sleep more at home or watch a volleyball game,” he said. “When I watch a game or think of myself playing volleyball, I want to play volleyball. Even just seeing a volleyball makes me want to play the game quickly.” Hwang Yunseong said, “I am really grateful to the fans who always send me a lot of concern and support. I will rehabilitate hard and return quickly.”

prepare for a comeback by going back to where you started

Ahn Woo-jae, who joined KEPCO with the 5th pick in the 1st round of the 2015 rookie draft, transferred to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through a trade in November 2020. After the transfer, he played an active role with a sharp serve, but a back injury made it difficult to play. In the end, Ahn Woo-jae was announced as a free player by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance after the end of last season, and while looking for a new team, his parent team KEPCO reached out again.

Ahn Woo-jae said, “At the end of last season, I felt pain in my hip. At first, he thought it was simple muscle pain and put up with it, but later found out that it was the pain from a ruptured disc. So he ended up going through surgery,” he explained the process of his injury 메이저사이트. “Currently, my recovery is nearing completion, but I still need a little more time to play. He added that he is preparing more because his jumping ability is not the same as before.”

Ahn Woo-jae said, “Right after joining the KEPCO, I couldn’t do ball exercises, so I devoted myself to his rehabilitation. While undergoing back rehabilitation, he also strengthened the shoulder side, which was previously painful. Now, I am also doing ball exercises at the same time,” he said of the recovery process. He said, “It was easy to adapt because there were many faces I knew. He also learns many things from many seniors during the rehabilitation process. Especially (Shin) Young-seok learns a lot from his older brother and coach Lee Seon-gyu,” he said, positively looking at his rehabilitation process at KEPCO.

The biggest pain in the rehabilitation process Ahn Woo-jae picked was “not being able to go to the stadium.”
Ahn Woo-jae said, “Every player dreams of entering the court and playing while listening to the cheers of the fans. If he can’t do that, he wants to cheer hard in the warm-up zone, but it’s not easy as the entry system has changed.” He said, “The moment I want to play volleyball is not one moment, but every moment. I just want to be there every day there is a game,” he said, burning his passion for volleyball.

Ahn Woo-jae, who expressed his hope for a return, said, “If possible, I am aiming to make a substitution in the 4th round or so.” “My strength is to create a bright atmosphere. If I am put into the game, I will try to brighten the atmosphere by running more and shouting “fighting”.

The only reason to overcome pain
“I want to help the team.”
 For KGC Ginseng Corporation Nolan, the summer of 2022 was a season of going back and forth between heaven and hell. Participated in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) with the honor of being selected for the national team. He played the week 1 schedule as a starter, but suffered a left Achilles tendon injury during training. His injuries were more serious than he thought. He underwent surgery right away in Brazil, where VNL was held, and returned to Korea first. Afterwards, Norann engaged in a long battle with himself for his return to the court. “You can think of rehabilitation as the final stage,” said Nolan. He is now preparing to break into the ball movement. His return to training is imminent, but he hasn’t been confirmed to play yet. He can only know by checking his condition while digesting training,” he revealed his current condition. Regarding the reason for the surgery in Brazil, “I first contacted the club after the injury, but I received a reply that the condition of the Achilles tendon could be aggravated by air pressure inside the plane. So he decided on local surgery,” he explained. Nolan said, “In the beginning, I did a lot of rehabilitation by moving my ankle range of motion, and from the middle, I participated in the team’s weight training little by little while focusing on strength supplementation. Recently, he has been working out according to the team schedule as much as possible,” he briefly explained the rehabilitation process. Nolan said, “Rehabilitation is also a kind of repetitive training after all. It was difficult to sustain it for several months, and I felt bored.”

The team’s sluggishness fueled Yellow’s desire to return. Nolan said, “Anyway, our team is going through a bit of a difficult time. Looking at that, he quickly felt that he wanted to be a part of the team. However, there is no guarantee that entering in a hurry will help the team, so I feel a little frustrated.” He said to Ko Min-ji and Choi Hyo-seo, who were filling his void, “I know that both players are doing their best. However, it is regrettable that there are many parts that do not go as intended. Both of them believe that they can become better players and are cheering for them.”

Finally, Nolan said, “I am grateful to many people. Director Go Hee-jin also gave me a lot of encouragement, and (Han) Songi unnie, (Yeom) Hye-sun unnie, and (Chae) Sun-ah unnie took good care of me. I am especially grateful to the trainers. He always did his best to help. “I honestly don’t think it will be easy to show the performance of last season even if I return this season, but regardless of the result, I will do my best to return to the end,” he said.

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