Reporter Lee Seung-hyeong = The ‘2023 Daegu International Marathon’ will be held in downtown Daegu in four years.

According to the city of Daegu on the 5th, the 2023 Daegu International Marathon will be held on the 2nd of next month, with about 150 elite runners and 15,000 masters marathoners participating.

This competition is a competition that runs in the city center for the first time in four years due to Corona 19, and as it is a competition promoted to the World Association of Athletics Federations (WA) certified gold label, many high-level elite athletes participate, raising expectations for the record. 스포츠토토

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games and the 2023 Budapest World Athletics Championships in Hungary are also selected for the national team, so a fierce race is expected to unfold.

The sister city of Gwangju, which is co-hosting the ‘2038 Asian Games’, Gunwi, which will be transferred to Daegu in July, and Kitakyushu, Japan, a promising land exchange city, are also scheduled to participate.

In last year’s competition, elite players ran on the roads around Daegu Stadium, which is outside the city center, and the Masters competition was held online and offline, such as non-face-to-face.

Applications for participation can be made on the website of the competition until the 10th.

To prepare for the safe competition, the city is strengthening cooperation with related organizations by holding meetings with district offices, the police, and the Federation of Model Drivers and Traffic Control Officers.

On the 14th, a final review of the preparations for each field will be held through the event progress report meeting.

Daegu City Administration Mayor Kim Jong-han said, “It will be held as a competition enjoyed by citizens, but we will prepare the competition with an emphasis on preventing safety accidents.”

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