This season, K-League 1 continues to be a hit.

It attracted 1,837,901 spectators in 176 games, setting a new record for the largest number of spectators in a season since the start of counting paid spectators for professional soccer in 2018. It surpassed the 1,820,761 people (228 games, average of 8,013 people) in the 2019 season. As there are still many games left, it is worth aiming for the first time in history that the number of spectators will exceed 2 million, as well as the average attendance of 10,000. There may be many reasons for the box office hit, but the number one reason is the game. This season’s K-League 1 is capturing the attention of fans with much more interesting games than before.

카지노사이트When talking about ‘fun games’, Daejeon Hana Citizen cannot be left out. Daejeon, which was promoted this season, often produced particularly interesting games. Last April, they produced numerous ‘fun matches’, including Ulsan Hyundai (2-1 win), one of the best games of the season, which was praised as an ‘EPL-level match’. There were three 4-on-3 games, and 13 games in which both teams scored more than 4 goals. There was also a 5-on-3 match in which 8 goals were scored (Suwon FC win in April). Although the team did not always win, the matches in Daejeon were enough to enthuse the viewers. Fans also responded to the fun game. Compared to 2022, the number of spectators in Daejeon increased by a whopping 496%. Daejeon has attracted 185,996 spectators so far and is proudly ranked 4th in the K-League attendance rankings. It is the return of ‘Soccer Special City’.

At the center is director Lee Min-seong. Coach Lee Min-seong brought Daejeon to a soft landing in K-League 1 with hot attacking soccer. Coach Lee made Daejeon the most dynamic team in K-League 1 with bold forward pressure and quick transitions. Daejeon is ranked 4th in scoring this season with 44 goals. Min Seong-sik Lee’s attacking soccer was even stronger against strong teams. Daejeon drew 1-1 against Ulsan Hyundai on the 16th. As a result of this day, the season record was 1 win and 2 draws. Daejeon is the only team that Ulsan, the ‘absolute top 1’, has not beaten this season. Daejeon also showed an advantage over Jeonbuk Hyundai, another ‘Hyundai team’, with 1 win and 2 draws. ‘Famous’ FC Seoul also achieved 2 wins and 1 draw. Suwon Samsung also caught it. This year is the first time that Daejeon captured Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Seoul, and Suwon all at once in one season.

We captured not only the results but also the content. Daejeon played bold attacking soccer that did not back down against a strong team. Of course, there is a burden on defense, but Coach Lee called for ‘forward attack’. Coach Lee usually tells his players, “Let’s play like crazy guys,” and is maximizing the players’ aggression and mobility. This is why there are so many fierce battles in Daejeon games. In the first year of promotion, Daejeon created a clear brand called ‘attack’. In his first year in K League 1, Coach Lee also went through trial and error, but he seems to be evolving as the game progresses. I am not repeating the same mistakes.

It is known that Coach Lee will accompany Daejeon again next season. He deserves even more expectations next season if he adds a professional defensive midfielder and a special center million. If they succeed in advancing to Final A, it will be a ‘complete success’, but just by being branded as a ‘fun maker’, this season’s Daejeon is a ‘half success’.

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