Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher argued that Manchester City (Man City) may not be a team capable of displaying all of Erling Halan’s abilities.

Man City lost 0-1 in the 2022/23 Premier League round 22 match against Tottenham Hotspur held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 6th (Korean time).

Man City (45 points) had a chance to close the gap when leading Arsenal (50 points) lost the match against Everton, but lost to Tottenham and eventually maintained the gap with Arsenal by 5 points. 

Manchester City took the lead in the 15th minute by conceding the opening goal to Tottenham striker Harry Kane. Afterwards, he led the possession and attempted several shots, but could not shake Tottenham’s net. 

In this confrontation, the joys and sorrows of the forward strikers of both teams were mixed. Unlike Kane, who succeeded in scoring the winning goal and enjoyed the honor of winning the team and becoming Tottenham’s all-time top scorer, Manchester City striker Hollan was silent and could not prevent the team from losing. 

Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool legend and Sky Sports commentator, also commented on Haalan’s sluggish performance after the match and evaluated that the current situation was not good for Haalan.

He first expressed doubts about Manchester City’s performance, saying, “Man City is not doing something right. The situation now feels a bit strange.”  메이저놀이터

“Hollan only showed 60% of what he had. There was space behind him, and anyone can imagine how he used that space to score against West Ham last time,” he said. “City don’t always create that space. Haaland comes from a counter-attacking league (Bundesliga), and here you don’t see the menacing run he showed in Germany.” 

In fact, Haalan has scored 25 goals in 19 matches in the league this season, recording the highest scoring pace in Premier League history, but rather than the quick breakthroughs and reckless moves he showed in the Bundesliga, the focus was on finishing inside the penalty box. 

Carragher emphasized that Manchester City may not be the club where Haalan is capable.

“He may have chosen the wrong club that can bring out the best talent. Man City have conceded more goals so far and are vulnerable to counter-attacks. Man City has changed a little with Haalan and become a less strong team. But that’s not Hallan’s fault.” 

As Carragher mentioned, Man City, despite signing the best scorer in Europe this season, Hollan, was exposed to frequent faltering with poor performance compared to last season. 

Man City conceded a total of 26 points last season, but this season, the overall organization has fallen, allowing 21 points in 21 matches.

The team’s ranking also stays in second place, not the first, and cannot guarantee a league championship. It is difficult to shake off the evaluation that Hollan’s joining may have had a negative impact on both Manchester City’s performance and his own performance.

On the other hand, despite Carragher’s doubts, teammate Kyle Walker defended Haalan. 

He said of Haaland’s situation: “It’s a process. Guardiola demands a lot from us and it’s not easy to fit into the team given the way we play. He’s already scoring a lot. I hope he can do better near the box. It is clear that he will be able to do it,” he said, adding that it is a period of adaptation and that Haalan will be able to do better. 

Hollan, who was sluggish against Tottenham and failed to operate the scorer, will challenge Aston Villa again at 1:30 am on the 13th to score the 26th goal in the league.

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