Kiwoom Heroes and Samsung Lions traded on the 27th. In Kiwoom, Kim Tae-hoon (pitcher) moved to Samsung.

At Samsung, 메이저사이트veteran Lee Won-seok (infielder) wore a Kiwoom uniform. In addition, Kiwoom also received the nomination right for the 3rd round of the 2024 rookie draft that Samsung had.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki talked about the trade at a meeting with reporters on the spot ahead of the match against KT Wiz at Gocheok Sky Dome on the last day of the three-game series during the week.

Coach Hong said of Kim Tae-hoon, “He is a player who has contributed a lot to the team.” Coach Hong made his KBO League debut in a Hanwha Eagles uniform during his playing days.

He was traded to the Doosan Bears during the 1999 season. He moved the team once again after the 2005 season, when he became a free agent. At the time, he wore a Hyundai Unicorns uniform in a sign-and-trade format.

Director Hong added, “(Kim Tae-hoon) himself accepts it calmly and seems to think positively.”

Regarding Lee Won-seok, he said, “As a senior, he can serve as an example for our young players.” .

Regarding the absence of Kim Tae-hoon, a bullpen resource, coach Hong said, “Other players should replace it. I think it is an opportunity for young players to grow.”

The last game Kim Tae-hoon played before this transfer was the SSG Landers match held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 23rd. He threw 35 pitches in 1.1 innings at the time, giving up 2 hits, 2 walks and 1 run.

Lee Won-seok appeared against the Doosan Bears held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu the previous day (26th) and recorded 1 hit and 1 strikeout in 4 at-bats.

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