Victor Ahn (37, Korean name Ahn Hyun-soo), who recently tried to return to Korea but failed, took the position, “I’m sorry to have raised my name as a noisy issue.”

Viktor An said on Instagram on the 7th, “Victor Ahn is ‘Ahn Hyun-soo’. I had no choice but to remain silent,” he said.

Victor Ahn, who served as the coach of the Chinese national short track team at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, applied for the position of ice team coach at Seongnam City Hall in Gyeonggi Province last month, but was rejected.

Regarding the fact that he pushed for his return to Korea, public opinion simmered, such as the Korean Skating Leaders Federation and Seongnam City Hall ice team players each announcing statements. For the coaching position at Seongnam City Hall, which seven people applied for, Viktor Ahn was eliminated after an interview because he was not among the top two candidates, and Seongnam City Hall announced on the 31st of last month that there were no finalists for the ice team coaching position.

On the 12th of last month, right after the interview, Victor An, who asked the reporters why he was ‘promoting a return to Korea’, said, “I don’t think there is anything else to say, and I will give you an answer when this procedure is completed and an opportunity arises.” opened

On this day, he said, “I’ve lived exclusively with sports for 30 years, and it is difficult for me to voice my voice due to my personality.”

Regarding the process of acquiring Russian citizenship, Viktor Ahn said, “I left for Russia in June 2011, and while talking about future training plans with the president of the Russian Skating Federation, he suggested naturalization and said, ‘Russian and Australian dual nationality’ in the Russian team. “He told me about Tatiana Boldolina, a female athlete,” he said. 바카라

“However, after realizing that I did not fall under the ‘special case’ like that player, I felt the sincerity of a good exercise environment, a team where I could train, and president Alexei Kravtsov, who believed in me, and became naturalized in July. After making the decision, I thought it was right to return the lump sum I received, so I donated the entire amount to a child in need of heart surgery and a junior athlete in need of rehabilitation and treatment.”

Victor Ro Ahn said, “However, as the Russian side reported that the naturalization process was going on in August, the Korean side misrepresented it as if they received their pension first in July and then decided to naturalize in August.” We decided on everything in February and proceeded according to the procedure,” he stressed.

“After naturalization, I was more careful about standing in the media and thought it was right to focus only on the movement,” he said. I will,” he added.

On this day, Victor Ahn did not mention his position on the promotion of his return to Seongnam City Hall, his former team, but in a statement issued by the Korea Skating Leaders Federation against his return to Korea, “Victor Ahn received a lump sum pension just before naturalization,” he said. He gave a strong explanation of what he claimed.

Previously, the Korea Skating Instructors Federation said, “Viktor Ahn gave up his Korean nationality and naturalized as a Russian citizen, and when there was a controversy over betraying his country, he explained, ‘I knew dual citizenship would be possible.’ “I knew in advance that dual citizenship would not work, and I pretended not to know after receiving the pension as a lump sum,” he said.

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