“Don’t lower your head. Don’t even say you’re sorry.”

On the 1st (Korean time), LG is holding a spring camp at San Francisco Giants Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. On the 2nd, the pitchers conducted defense drills. Coach Kim Woo-seok harassed the pitchers by producing hit balls that were difficult for the pitchers to catch.

Pitchers caught the ball, threw it to first base, and threw it home. Coach Kim Woo-seok consistently encouraged the pitchers and emphasized the importance of the basics. When a pitcher threw a bad throw home, he said, “This is the worst. When the runners are full, even the runner on second base came in.”

The highlight is rookie sidearm Park Myung-geun. Park Myeong-geun is an expected star taken by LG director Yeom Gyeong-yeop. He is the only rookie to participate in the Arizona LG Spring Camp. When coach Yeom served as the technical chairman of the baseball team last year, he even recommended the Asian Games team coach Ryu Joong-il to select the national team.

Director Yeom doesn’t think that Park Myung-geun will succeed right away, but it seems that he decided to watch Park Myung-geun’s potential at this camp. Director Yeom said, “If you think about the Asian Games, you need to make three new members (Pilseungjo) in the Pilseungjoo.”

Such Park Myeong-geun was caught in the middle of the seniors and received defensive training. However, he was not good at throwing to first base. Then Park Myeong-geun reflexively said “I’m sorry” in the direction of coach Kim Woo-seok. He bowed his head. Coach Kim then said, “Don’t lower your head. Don’t even say you’re sorry.” 메이저사이트

I guess there are several reasons. First of all, the meaning of making a mistake and not shrinking is projected. If you are a professional player, you should basically have a full sense of ownership. Anyone can make a mistake, and if you wince, the mental collapses and the risk of continuing to make mistakes increases.

Another would be the intention to properly arm Park Myeong-geun. Rather than directly criticizing, he said not to bow his head, and it seems that the message not to repeat mistakes even if it is practice was included. The basics are the most important law.

Most of the LG pitchers who participated in this training received applause for their calm response. However, mistakes were made in the middle. Coach Kim said, “It’s a group penalty if you come out one more time,” but that didn’t actually happen. LG pitchers plan to start pitching in the bullpen starting with the players who are going to the WBC national team after this three-day training session. Park Myung-keun said, “If the WBC pitchers go to the national team camp, they will have more opportunities to get their eyes painted by the coaching staff.

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