Embiid conveyed his physical condition.

The Philadelphia Sixers won 147-116 in a game against the Detroit Pistons in the NBA 2022-2023 regular season held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, USA on the 11th (Korean time). With the victory on the day, he succeeded in winning 2 in a row.

The power gap between the two teams is large. Nevertheless, the reason why this game attracted attention is that Philadelphia ace Joel Embiid (213cm, C) returned after three games.

Embiid played 23 minutes and showed extreme efficiency with 36 points and 11 rebounds. He scored without covering my perimeter from the first quarter. He drove in 9 points in the first quarter alone. And he actively went on offense in the second quarter as well. He won a free throw by inducing a series of fouls from his opponent. Embiid also added 13 points in the second quarter. With Embiid’s performance, Philadelphia finished the first half with a score of 65-43. 스포츠토토

Even in the third quarter, Detroit could not control Embiid. Various players also tried to control it, but all failed. Embiid added 14 points in the third quarter. Thanks to Embiid’s performance, Philadelphia secured an early victory.

Embiid, who had been through before his comeback, reported on his physical condition. “My body is very good,” Embiid said. “This injury is not related to plantar fasciitis. It just feels like a bruise. That’s why I’m managing it more carefully.”

“We went into the game with a serious mind. I won easily because the players helped me well. Everyone worked together to play the game, and we won the game in the early hours.”

Embiid is averaging 33.6 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.6 assists this season. Both points and assists are career highs. Last season, Embiid was the top scorer. He is also selected as a strong scorer candidate this season. The difference between the current top scorer Luka Doncic and the average score is 0.4 points.

Added to Embiid’s incredible performance, Philadelphia is fourth in the East. The gap with other teams isn’t too big. The gap with the first place in the East is only 3.5 games. Now that Embiid has come back healthy, he is in a situation where he can catch up.

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