Tiger Woods, the ‘Emperor of Golf’ who returned to the field after 7 months, is in trouble with an over-the-top prank.

He brought criticism on himself when he handed women’s products to Justin Thomas, who was in the same group. 

This is Reporter Cho Hyun-sun.

Tiger Woods and his partner Justin Thomas walking side by side on the field.

Woods handed it over with something in his hand.

Thomas, who accepted this, immediately shook his hand and laughed face to face with Woods, who was embracing his shoulder.

In Woods’ hand is a sanitary napkin, a feminine product.

It was a prop prepared to make his own tee shot fly farther than his best friend Thomas. 

Critics analyze Thomas’ sarcasm for playing ‘like a girl’. 먹튀검증

After this scene was captured on camera, it spread instantly through social media, and fierce criticism poured out.

Articles such as “a prank on the level of a teenage boy” and “disrespect towards women” are being uploaded.

Foreign media also criticized Woods for his outrageous behavior.

[Sarah Stuck / Sky Sports Presenter]
“This was disappointing and stupid.”

As the controversy spread overnight, Woods made an official apology after the second round.

[Tiger Woods / American Golfer]
“It was just a prank. I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. There was no ill intent.”

In the midst of this, even Woods’ performance was shaken today.

At one point he came up with a shot that almost would have been a hole-in-one, but the putt got in the way. 

[Tiger Woods / American Golfer]
“It wasn’t a very difficult putt, but I couldn’t hit it properly and the finish wasn’t good.”

Unlike the 2 under par 69 strokes in the first round the previous day, I stayed in a tie for 60th in the interim total. 

The match was delayed due to sunset and whether or not it passed the cut will be confirmed when the match resumes.

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