Professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul lost 1 precious point due to an error.

The Korea Football Association referee committee held an evaluation subcommittee on the afternoon of the 27th and unanimously judged that Palošević’s goal was not recognized at the end of the match between Seoul and Gangwon FC held the previous day.

An official from 메이저사이트the Korea Football Association said, “We judged that it was a mistake for Jin-ya Kim’s holding foul decision and for not being able to follow the video review (VAR) of the process of the referee blowing the whistle and reaching Palosevic’s goal according to the rules.” he explained.

The refereeing committee decided not to assign referee Chae Sang-hyeop to the match this weekend after seeing the match referee.

In addition, it was decided to take administrative measures such as retraining for referees at an additional meeting later.

The situation in question occurred right before the end of the Gangwon-Seoul match held at Songam Sports Town Stadium in Chuncheon on the 26th.

Gangwon led 3-2 with Lee Woong-hee’s goal in the 45th minute of the second half.

Ki Sung-yong’s corner kick in the last attack was followed by Kim Joo-sung’s header, which was canceled by Gangwon’s Kook-young’s exquisite clearing.

Afterwards, Palosevich shook the Gangwon net with a fierce left-footed shot from the ball that flowed out of the match before the gate.

However, the referee blew the whistle when Palošević shot.

Min-woo Seo fell near the left side of the goal area during the previous aerial contest, and the referee judged that Jin-ya Kim had committed a foul by pulling Min-woo Seo with his hand.

However, looking at the relay screen, Seo Min-woo was not dragged by Kim Jin-ya’s hand, but tripped over and fell at the feet of a Gangwon colleague.

The referee recognized this as an error.

In addition to this, the referee judged the fact that the video reading (VAR) of Kim Jin-ya’s foul situation was impossible as the referee blew the whistle hastily.

Situations where VAR is possible are limited to scoring scenes, penalty kicks, and sending off decisions.

However, the game was stopped when the referee blew the whistle, and Palošević’s goal was ‘nothing’ in the first place, and VAR was not achieved.

The match ended in a 3-2 victory for Gangwon.

Seoul lost 1 point, which could have been earned through a draw, due to an incorrect decision.

Gangwon won the match after 9 games, but it turned out to be a mistake. It’s a victory that won’t leave a sour aftertaste.

The Seoul-Gangwon match was a game that attracted a lot of attention even before the start.

It is a matchup called ‘Choi Yong-soo Derby’ because the current Gangwon head coach, Choi Yong-soo, is a ‘legend’ who has been active and coached in Seoul.

Seoul, which had been flying high with a long-awaited hot attack soccer, raised expectations for a ‘goal feast’. Gangwon, who could not get out of the swamp without a win in their 8th game, played desperate football for their first victory.

Both teams shook the net 6 times to meet the expectations of the fans.

However, the whistle of the referee called wrongly ruined the feast.

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