[OSEN = Tokyo (Japan), Correspondent Han Yong-seop] Go Woo-seok, the finisher of the national team, will miss the match against Australia. 

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol held 스포츠토토, a press conference ahead of the first match against Australia in Group B in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on the 9th.

The national team will play against Australia on the 9th, against Japan on the 10th, against the Czech Republic on the 12th, and against China on the 13th. The 1st and 2nd places in the group advance to the quarterfinals. Korea is aiming for at least second place in the group, so Australia must win the first leg. That will make it easier to advance to the quarterfinals. 

South Korea’s sidearm, Koh Young-pyo, will start. Australia’s starting pitcher is left-hander Jack O’O’Clin. Directed by Lee Kang-cheol. 

= The game is ready.

I waited for a long time, but I hope to play soon. It’s an honest feeling.

=Park Kun-woo, hitter number 6, about the starting lineup.

There is a pitch limit, but I don’t know how the other line will come back, but I heard that left-handed pitchers have been reinforced a lot to target our left-handed batters. Rather than focusing on left-handed batters, I prepared with the left and right batting line in mind because each individual’s ability is good.

= Changed 4-5 times.

I placed Byung-ho at number 4 because I thought the opposing pitcher had a good ERA against left-handed batters.

= Ko Woo-seok’s appearance

seems a bit impossible for Ko Woo-seok to appear today.

=Are you expecting Australian starter Jack O’Roughlyn, what if he goes down quickly?

I watched a lot of videos. I put more weight on my left arm than on Saupold. O’Clean had a small share. He thought of the other left hand. I watched the video and I think he is a good pitcher.

= What exactly is Go Woo-seok’s condition? tomorrow’s game.

I’m getting better day by day, so I’m going to check it every day and keep an eye on it.

= Before the first match, is there anything you said to the players?

does not exist. It was not the style of having a sudden meeting, but the coaches prepared it on their own. If I say it, I think it will leave an afterimage, so I hope the players will take care of it.

=Is starting pitcher Go Young-pyo going as far as possible? part to look forward to.

If it is good, I plan to go to the limit of the number of pitches. hope for good results The early start is important, so if you block well in the beginning and go through 3 innings, you will be able to use the pitcher behind you.

=What do you think about the starting pitcher for the match against Japan tomorrow? What does starting pitcher information mean?

If there is a good selection like in Japan, it will be announced. no selection. I’m not trying to hide it. I think I will decide according to the result of today’s game. It’s not that I don’t say it in the sense of hiding it. We need to focus on today’s game. If I can win, I plan to use all pitchers today, so I haven’t decided on tomorrow’s starting pitchers.

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