The national soccer team has just played a scoreless away trial against Wales. With no clear colors, no tactics, and not a single win so far, coach Klinsmann made the inexplicable move of asking for an opposing player’s jersey to give to his son.

Lee Jung-chan is a reporter.


With Son Heung-min up front, fresh off a hat-trick for Tottenham last week,안전놀이터 Klinsmann’s side went in search of their first win, but they struggled to find an opening.

Son Heung-min’s winding kick in front of the keeper in the 40th minute was their only shot on target, and they were less than half as effective as Wales in both shots and shots on target.

In a puzzling mercenary move to start Hwang In-beom, who hasn’t played a game for his club this season, in the middle and Hong Hyun-seok, who plays in the middle for his club, on the flanks, the attack was poorly organized in the center.

The only consolation was that goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu made a save and an opponent’s header hit the post, giving Klinsmann his first clean sheet since taking over.

After becoming the first foreign coach in history to go five games without a win amid the recent work-from-home controversy, Klinsmann took it easy, saying it was just part of a generational transition for next year’s Asian Cup,

[Klinsmann/USMNT manager: we’ve experimented with younger players to improve the team, and that’s how we’re going to take it step by step towards next year’s Asian Cup in Qatar].

Revealing that he traded jerseys with opposing player Ramsey to give to his son after a close loss,

[Klinsmann/USMNT Head Coach: My son texted me before the game and said, ‘Can you get me a Ramsey jersey’].

It was an uncharacteristic behavior for a head coach of a national team.

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