Acting coach Yun Ho-jin was promoted to full-time manager. 

The Yonsei University Sports Committee announced on the 20th that it had appointed acting head coach Yun Ho-jin as the new head coach of the basketball team. 

Coach Ho-jin Yoon’s official appointment was on March 1, but considering the US field training and the 2023 college basketball league U-League to be held in March, the school and coach Yoon signed and agreed on the contract on the 20th. 

Director Yun Ho-jin graduated from Dandaebu High School and Yonsei University. In 2003, he worked as a professional player at Anyang SBS, the predecessor of KGC Ginseng Corporation, and later worked as a manager and front desk at KT&G and KGC Ginseng Corporation. 

Afterwards, he moved to Hawaii, USA, to run his own business, and in 2017, at the recommendation of coach Eun Hee-seok of Yonsei University, he was appointed as a coach at his alma mater. Since then, he has maintained his position consistently until 2022, and in early 2022, when coach Eun Hee-seok moved to Samsung’s command tower, he took on the role of acting manager alone and guided the players. 

In the midst of weakened power due to the injuries of guards Yang Jun-seok and Lee Min-seo, and the early professional advances of key players such as Kim Dong-hyun and Lee Won-seok, he recorded 11 wins and 3 losses in the 2022 College Basketball League U-League regular league, demonstrating his leadership to put Yonsei University in second place. exerted 

After the college league ended, the Yonsei University Sports Committee conducted an open recruitment of basketball team coaches according to the school’s bylaws. Accordingly, a total of three applicants, including coach Yun Ho-jin, applied, and the Sports Committee finally appointed coach Yun Ho-jin as the new command tower after internal verification.  카지노

In a phone call with Rookie on the 20th, coach Ho-jin Yun said, “Thank you again to the school for trusting me and entrusting me with important responsibilities. Also, the chairman of the athletics committee, the head of the basketball team, and the professors who helped Yonsei University’s basketball team physically and mentally over the past year. I also want to express my gratitude to the above staff and the OB seniors in the basketball team.” 

In addition, he said, “I am grateful to the players who silently followed my instructions even in the midst of hardship, to coach Kim Yong-woo, who recently joined and played a big tournament called the regular season, my wife and family who supported me from behind, and coach Eun Hee-seok who invited me to Yonsei University. I want to say thank you to many people including me. As I have become a full-time coach, I will continue to build a strong team that can protect the honor and pride of Yonsei University’s basketball team.”

The first schedule after coach Yun Ho-jin took the helm at Yonsei University is the US field training scheduled for mid-February. To this end, coach Yoon leaves for the United States ahead of the team on the 21st and adjusts the local situation.  

It is expected that the Yonsei University basketball team will be different with coach Yun Ho-jin, who has been promoted to the official command tower after removing the tag of acting.

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