Chun Seong-hoon, a native of Incheon United Youth, flew in two K-League debut games.

Chun Seong-hoon started as a front-line 메이저놀이터striker in the 8th round match of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon FC held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 22nd and scored 2 goals, leading to a 2-2 draw.

Cheon Seong-hun, who made his debut in the K-League against Gangwon on the 16th, made a clear impression on Incheon fans by scoring multiple goals that day.

Chun Seong-hoon scored the first goal in the 19th minute of the first half after receiving a penetrating pass from Hernandez. He slipped in at the right timing so as not to get caught in the offside trap. After he got the ball, he saw the goalkeeper come out and he finished with a sensational chip shot.

In the 15th minute of the second half when the score was 1-1, he headed a cross from the left flank and scored another goal. Chun Seong-hoon could not control his joy and ran over the billboard to the audience and shared his joy with the fans.

Although his performance on this day was overshadowed by the fact that the team did not win, it was a game that announced the birth of a new star.

Born in 2000, striker Cheon Seong-hun is from Incheon Youth, having graduated from Incheon Gwangseong Middle School and Daegeon High School. However, his professional debut was in Germany, not Korea.

Augsburg, which had Korean players such as Koo Ja-cheol and Ji Dong-won, showed interest in him and signed him in the winter of 2019. He moved to Augsburg where he did not make his first-team debut, but he played back and forth between the youth team and the second team.

Chun Seong-hoon, who learned advanced soccer in Germany, returned to Incheon early this year. Cheon Seong-hoon, who made his K-League debut against Gangwon, is adjusting smoothly as he tasted his goals in two games of his debut.

After the match, Cheon Seong-hun said, “I’m glad that I showed a little bit that I’m a player who can help the team through this game.”

Regarding the goal ceremony, he laughed, saying, “It was crazy. I had to go over the billboard, but I had to go over it carefully. I was so distracted that I only heard ‘Chun Seong-hoon is cool’.”

On this day, director Cho Seong-hwan mentioned that the secret to Seong-hun Chun’s success was that he worked hard in silence.

It was the same with Cheon Seong-hoon. “There was a lot of waiting in Germany, and Korea came in with some expectations, so I was not disappointed (about not being able to participate) and prepared silently behind the scenes. The coach gave me a good opportunity, and I think I showed it well in the game,” he said. .

He did not hide his regret for missing a hat-trick as a striker.

Chun Seong-hoon said, “Actually, I was greedy for hat tricks. So I tried a lot of shooting, but it didn’t work. I think I found something to improve in the future. I will try to score more goals.”

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