Gwangju FC, which fell to ninth place in the K League 1 with the unstoppable momentum at the beginning of the season, is shaking as much as the ‘spectator’ in the stadium.토토사이트

The away fans who visited the stadium dedicated to Gwangju soccer this season are unanimous in saying that Gwangju’s away variable seats are ‘terrifying’.

I came to the soccer field, but the swaying seats made me feel like I was at an amusement park.

From FC Seoul fan YouTube ‘From’

In fact, if you watch the on-site support video of Daegu fans, you can see that the variable seat shakes violently.

[Korea Only] This is a video article that does not support overseas playback.

K-League teams that use variable seats, including Gwangju, require a safety inspection of variable seats before the season, and must submit the results that there are no abnormalities to the Professional Football Federation.

Gwangju FC and Gwangju Metropolitan City announced that they received the result of this season as well that there was no problem with both the load and the dynamic load (the load that the structure can withstand when the spectators move), and informed the federation of this.

However, the club says it’s safe, but countless fans looking for a set-up stand say ‘It’s scary’ and ‘It feels like riding a roller coaster’ in unison.

Even Gwangju FC doesn’t seem to feel the seriousness yet. Instead of a plan to fix the root cause of the problem , they came up with an incomprehensible answer asking fans to ‘refrain from cheering by jumping ‘.

” Information on the prohibition of jumping through on-site security personnel …(Omitted) There was an opinion from the architectural structural engineer who participated in the investigation that group actions (jumping vertically in time as a group) should be avoided when cheering .”

“The club will first proceed with the announcement of the prohibition of jumping support through the announcer and the installation of safety warning signs.”

Gwangju FC ‘answer to the safety problem of spectators’

As football fans’ anxiety continued, Gwangju Metropolitan City and Gwangju FC announced on the 19th that they plan to conduct an emergency safety diagnosis for variable seats. If the problem is serious, it is said that repair work to add to the structure will also be carried out.

An official from Gwangju Metropolitan City said, “For safety, we need to install fixed spectator seats as soon as possible, not movable spectator seats.” .

The issue of the audience in Gwangju reminds me of the ‘Heinrich Law’, which rises and falls whenever a major accident occurs.

‘Heinrich’s Law’ means that before a major accident occurs, numerous minor accidents and symptoms related to it must exist.

Gwangju, which is attracting attention as ‘Jeonghyo Ball’ this season, has greatly increased the number of away fans compared to previous years. Although only 8 games have been played at home this season, the Gwangju soccer stadium has already become a place of fear for soccer fans.

What’s even more terrifying is that supporters from Suwon, Jeonbuk, and Ulsan, a large K-League fandom that can gather close to 1,000 fans even in away matches, have yet to visit Gwangju.

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