“Rather than setting the time to return to the opening game, you need to be in perfect physical condition to return.” 

Samsung Lions coach Park Jin-man explained 안전놀이터the conditions for Kim Ji-chan, who is recovering from a left hamstring injury, to return to the first team. 

Kim Ji-chan participated in 113 games last year and achieved a career high with a batting average of .28 (101 hits in 361 bats), 25 RBIs, 62 points and 25 stolen bases. He could have had a better record had he not been sidelined by a left hamstring injury. 

Kim Ji-chan returned home early to protect the player due to a bad condition of his left hamstring during the Okinawa camp in Japan. He didn’t have any injuries to worry about, but given his past injury history, he took preemptive action. 

Head coach Park Jin-man said ahead of the match against Daegu LG on the 15th, “Kim Ji-chan said to prepare calmly because the area he was injured last year is not good. If he rushes to prepare quickly before the season, the injury will recur and he can last longer.” Manager Park Jin-man has requested the Future Steam coaching staff to take care of Kim Ji-chan so that he can return to perfect condition. 

Director Park Jin-man emphasized, “I didn’t have to be in good shape, but rather than setting the time to return before the opening game, I can only return when my physical condition is perfect.” He continued, “It’s a stage where you can digest technical training, but since it’s an area that has been injured once, you need to prepare more perfectly. Running must be 100% possible,” he added. 

Since hamstring injuries are highly likely to recur, follow-up care is very important. If the pain comes back during the season, it will be even more difficult. Players who have suffered a hamstring injury often run with anxiety, fearing that they will feel the pain again during the play process. This is the reason why director Park Jin-man is very careful about Kim Ji-chan’s return.  

On the other hand, catcher Kim Tae-goon, who could not finish the camp due to right ankle pain, will start a practice game against the Doosan Future Team at Gyeongsan Ball Park on the 16th. Manager Park Jin-man said, “Kim Tae-gun is scheduled to play in the Futures game. We will see his physical condition and decide whether to join the first team

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