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Yesterday (July 17), the Major League Baseball was full of novelties.카지노사이트

From a home run that the pitcher didn’t even have time to throw, to a ‘ground home run’ that was created when the bat bounced in a strange way, let’s check out our reporter Lee Sung-hoon’s report.


With San Diego leading Baltimore 4-2 in the seventh inning, thanks to Kim Ha-Sung’s RBI single in the third inning, the local broadcasters’ voices suddenly rise.

[It’s a home steal! Tatis Jr. scores for free!]

As Baltimore left-handed pitcher Perez stands with his back to the third base side, minding his own business, third baseman Tatis Jr. takes a few steps toward home plate, then runs at full speed and pulls off a home steal with no time to spare.

The home steal, the first by a San Diego player in seven years, drove a wedge into the game and kept the Padres’ postseason hopes alive with a second straight win.

A big fly ball hit by Tampa Bay’s Riley hits the right field wall at San Francisco’s Oracle Park, then deflects off the top of the fence.

Sprinting away as panicked outfielders scrambled to their feet, Railey didn’t even bother sliding to complete the grounder.

The Los Angeles Angels’ Ohtani hit his 42nd home run of the season against Texas, pulling him back to within one of Atlanta’s Olson for the major league lead.

He hit a ball so high over the strike zone that it ripped his helmet off, and then circled the bases helmetless.

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