Marcus Rashford was hot.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 30th (Korean time), “Marcus Rashford refuted the article that he asked for a weekly wage of 500,000 pounds (about 800 million won).”

Rashford has been playing as a key resource for Manchester United this season. He is responsible for United’s attack, scoring a whopping 25 goals in 44 appearances.

Rash Ford’s contract with Manchester United expires in June 2024. 메이저놀이터As a result, various clubs are showing interest in him. Obviously, Manchester United have no intention of sending Rashford. That’s why we’re pushing for his contract renewal.

However, an article came out saying that Rashford asked Manchester United for a weekly wage of 500,000 pounds (about 800 million won). Rashford’s current weekly wage is £200,000 (approximately 320 million won). It is an absurd article that demands about 2.5 times the current weekly wage.

Rashford responded. He said through his social media, “This kind of story is starting to come out. It’s nonsense. The club and I respect each other and will continue to do so. I am focused on finishing the league as successfully as possible and winning as many trophies as possible.”

Currently, the highest-paid players in the Premier League are Kevin De Bruyne, Elling Haalan and David de Gea, who earn £375,000 a week (about 600 million won).

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