“I want to play the role of a guard, like Park Min-chae, with 7 assists, if not 10.”

Kyung Hee University is conducting winter training in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do. Hwang Young-chan (179cm, G), who is entering the 4th grade this year, spends winter in his hometown every time.

Many of the key players last year (Park Min-chae, Lee Sa-heung, Cho Seung-won, Go Chan-hyuk, In Seung-chan) left, and Kyung Hee University is facing homework to fill the void left by them.

In particular, Hwang Young-chan is the first player to fill the position of Park Min-chae, who recorded an average of 10.1 assists, which is the first double digit in the college basketball league.

Hwang Young-chan, who we met ahead of training on the afternoon of the 1st, said, “I used to focus on running, but recently I started practicing. Almost all of our members have changed, so we are trying to match a new basketball,” he said. “Since our heights are getting shorter, we pursue basketball that is a little faster, each one-on-one, and faster than last year.”

When it comes to faster basketball, it goes well with Hwang Young-chan, who stands out for his speed.

Hwang Young-chan said, “I think it suits me well. If I play fast basketball, my strengths can be revealed, but if I don’t play fast basketball, I think my weaknesses will be visible. In order to reduce such disadvantages, I play practice games with high school teams. All 5 people have to run together, and if even one person rests, there will be a hole, so everyone has to move together.” While the attack is also one-on-one, the rest are moving and trying to finish it,” he emphasized movement.

When asked how it felt to do field training in Yeosu, his hometown, Hwang Young-chan said, “It doesn’t feel like coming to my hometown, it feels like I came to train. I only went home on New Year’s Day,” he replied.

Lee Seung-gu, who is currently in the fourth grade with Hwang Young-chan, said, “I really try to lead the team, and I am a player who is really sincere and works hard without rest.” He is my one and only friend, so if we work together this year, he will be able to achieve good results,” explained Hwang Young-chan.

Hwang Young-chan also has homework.

First of all, Hwang Young-chan said last year, “In the case of defense, there were a lot of fouls while blocking the opposing team’s ace, so the rain became more passive towards the second half. I regret that.”

When Hwang Young-chan mentioned this, he said, “I don’t think like that, and now my body is tired and it’s hard. Even if my body is heavy, I have to practice more defense, and I will think about that part at that time when I enter the season,” he said.

Considering that Kyung Hee University is without reliable Park Min-chae, Hwang Young-chan must manage the stable game. 안전놀이터

When asked if Hwang Young-chan is playing stable in practice games, “It’s hard to say that he is doing well. I listened to the coaches and coaches on what to do, and when I thought about it during high school and practice games, there were good days and not bad days. I try to fix bad days,” he said. “You have to give better passes and save your teammates well. Do everything you need to do, then take it out, and don’t let your teammates attack right away. We are trying to make up for that part.”

Last year, Hwang Young-chan played an average of 28 minutes and 6 seconds, the third most on the team, recording 7.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.1 steals. The 3-pointers he often threw were also not bad at 37.1% (13/35). Hwang Young-chan’s strength was his compliant 3-point shot along with his defensive skills. If Hwang Young-chan’s performance stands out this year, the opponent’s defense may be more focused. At this time, it is also important whether he can maintain his 3-point shooting success rate.

Hwang Young-chan said, “I am confident in my shot. Rather than worrying about that part, other than me, my colleagues who do well are doing well. Kim Seo-won and Lee Seung-gu’s shots also go well. The defense is crowded on that side, so I have a chance to shoot, and I think the defense is less crowded. Even if the defense is attached, I am training so that I can put it in,” he showed confidence.

Hwang Young-chan, who is facing the most important year ahead of entering the pro, said, “Last year, the number of assists was 5. I want to play as a guard with 7, if not 10, like Park Min-chae,” he said, vowing, “I can live my play only when the team lives, so I will work hard at any moment so that the team can win.”

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