Yakult Swallows closer Kazuto Taguchi (28) apologized to fans after talking about his thoughts on bench clearing because of a ball that hit his body.

Japanese media J-Cast News reported on the 22nd that Yakult closer Taguchi apologized for his remarks on Instagram Live on the 21st.메이저놀이터

The incident originated from bench clearing in the match between Yakult and Yokohama on the 20th. In the game, Yokohama’s complaints exploded as its main players were hit by a series of balls in the second half of the game. In the sixth inning, Shugo Maki got on base with a ball that hit his body, and in the seventh inning, Keita Sano was hit by the ball, followed by Toshiro Miyazaki. Miyazaki complained to Yakult, and Sekine Taiki also ran out to protest against the pitcher. Yakult third baseman Murakami Munetaka stopped Sekine, but bench clearing took place as all the players eventually came to the ground.

The bench clearing itself did not lead to a big fight and was quickly cleared up, but the aftermath is strong after the game. Taguchi did not take the mound in the game, but tweeted, “There can be no intentional match. No one wanted to hit it, but they only hit the batter as a result of the game. It is clear that pitchers are also sorry. “Because it’s a world of victory, both batters and pitchers are sincere,” he said, “It’s natural for various opinions to come out.” I know what the fans are thinking. You can say anything. But we’re fighting under tens of times the pressure of our fans. I just want you to know this.”

In response, it was pointed out that it was not something to say from the person who hit the batter, and Taguchi deleted the Twitter post. Later on Instagram Live, he said, “I don’t think I’m standing on the same ground, and I don’t think I’m living in the same level of the world. “I’m sorry, but I look down on such a person,” he refuted.

When his remarks on Instagram Live became a bigger controversy, Taguchi said, “I’m sorry to offend the fans by making a mistake. While talking about their thoughts on anti-fans, they were conveyed in the same way to fans who usually cheer for them. I got emotional and spoke tough. “I’m really sorry and I want to withdraw my remarks,” he apologized.

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