“I thought I would get 155 km after taking a break for about 8 months, but it didn’t come out as I thought.”

He returned with a pleasant joke as usual. Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26) released all charges related to school violence and expressed his feelings about joining the first team. Doosan registered Lee Young-ha in the first team prior to the match against Suwon kt Wiz on the 3rd. On August 21 last year, Lee Young-ha was registered in the first group 286 days after being canceled from the first group entry due to a trial issue related to school violence.스포츠토토

On the 31st of last month, Lee Young-ha was acquitted of the charges in a trial related to school violence and was given a chance to recover. Judge Geum-Young Jeong of the 4th Criminal Division of the Seoul Western District Court acquitted Young-Ha Lee, who was indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and extortion. The judge said, “The victim’s statement is not objective and does not match the testimony of the baseball team members. This corresponds to the case where there is no proof of crime. The accused is innocent.”

Doosan signed a contract with Lee Young-ha for an annual salary of 120 million won right after he was acquitted. On this day, Lee Young-ha was in charge of one inning with six balls, striking out one and recording no runs. His highest fastball speed was 149 km, and his average speed was 148 km. It was a figure that showed how well Lee Young-ha had individually built her body.

Regarding the plan to utilize Lee Young-ha, Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I try to send the first game when it is convenient. If he maintains good condition, as he did in the second team, he will fill the vacancy of Jeong Cheol-won.”
Lee Young-ha said, “I didn’t want to get caught up in bad gossip, but I felt a lot during that time. I think it’s a good time for me. I think the fans will like it even more if I do well with that incident.”

The following is a Q&A with Lee Young-ha.

-How do you feel about being in the first team after a long time?

I think I have to adjust to the time difference (laughs). I woke up in the morning Because I’m used to life in the 2nd Army. There were fans and it was good.

  • Did your colleagues welcome you?

It seems to have been welcomed. It is half and half. (Park) Chiguk liked it the most. I guess there was no one to play with. Beast hyungs also welcomed me.

-How did the second team feel?

It was fine. I didn’t have a sense of it because I was constantly doing image training. There are spectators, and the atmosphere is different when you play for the first team. As long as you feel that atmosphere, there will be no problem in the game.

  • What about restraints and restraints?

I thought he would be able to run 155 km after taking a break for about 8 months, but it turned out to be worse than I thought (laughs). Personally, training with the 2nd team coaches came out well, and I think it was okay when I felt it, so rather than that feeling when I was good again, I thought about the future and fixed it, but I think it’s good. I lowered the arm because it was too high, and changed things like shifting the center of gravity.

-Do you think about pitching in the bullpen this season?

This year, I gave up my greed. Selection seems greedy. I want to throw a lot with the bullpen quickly. I want to win more.

-Have you lost a lot of weight?

fell out I was going to miss it, but I missed it more than I thought, maybe because I had a hard time. I was only trying to lose 3-4 kg, but I lost 8-9 kg. Unexpectedly, my body got better. Everyone said my face got better. I think I just need to do well in the baseball field because my body is ready to do well.

  • How much do you weigh?

Privacy, which fell from triple digits to double digits. I didn’t know, but looking at the picture made me feel good. I didn’t know because I looked in the mirror every day, but I thought I gained weight, so I took it off.

-Your face brightened a lot.

I feel the same, but there must be something I don’t feel.

  • How would you feel if you pitched in the 1st team?

I think it will be exciting. I will throw the same Even if I go up on the mound and say hello, something seems strange. I believe you will like it if you throw it the same way. I didn’t get caught up in it because I wanted to get caught up in bad gossip, but I also felt a lot during that time. I think it’s a good time for me. I think if I do well with that opportunity, the fans will like it even more.

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