“We sent a lot to the major leagues,”

said Choi Won-ho, the Hanwha coach, with a bitter smile. It has already been nearly 15 days since foreign hitter Brian O’Grady (31) was sent out. However, there is still no news of new foreign batters recruiting.

Hanwha has already contacted several players, but it is experiencing considerable difficulties as the players in question are suddenly called up to the major league roster.스포츠토토

On the 13th, ahead of the resignation Lotte match, coach Choi Won-ho said, “Yesterday (12th), they said that the player we were trying to recruit was called up to the major leagues.” He made a ‘wry smile’.

Hanwha obviously wants to bring in outstanding players, but it is not easy. “It’s harder than I thought. Now we can only give you about 500,000 dollars. The amount including the transfer fee,” said coach Choi Won-ho.

According to the KBO regulations, ‘In the case of signing a contract with a new foreign player after the opening day of the regular season, the maximum cost that can be spent is limited to a maximum of USD 100,000 per month for the remaining contract period, including annual salary, down payment, incentive, and transfer fee. ‘ is specified. Almost half a month has already passed in June. Therefore, even if Hanwha signs a new foreign hitter right away, the salary, down payment, incentives,

Coach Choi Won-ho continued, “Also, if you came mid-season and were put on hold, you couldn’t go to another team in Korea. That’s why agents also preferred to go to Japan. Japan has no right to hold, so there are players who want long-term contracts. But we also It is not possible to blindly sign a long-term contract,” he said about the realistic difficulties.

As the player Hanwha was aiming for is repeatedly called up to the major leagues, frustrating days continue. Manager Choi Won-ho smiled, saying, “We spent a lot of time in the major leagues.” It was on the 31st of last month that Hanwha requested the KBO to disclose a waiver for O’Grady.

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