“I want to throw the ball from the mound.”

One of the famous scenes in the recently popular animated film ‘Slam Dunk’ is the scene where Jeong Dae-man sees the director and says, “I want to play basketball” with tears in his eyes. Left-handed pitcher Ham Deok-ju of the LG Twins feels just like that right now.

Ahead of the 2021 season, he was traded from Doosan to LG. Ham Deok-joo, an all-weather pitcher who can play both starting and bullpen positions, was needed by LG. However, due to his elbow pain, he could not show his expected appearance. He ended up having surgery to remove a bone fragment in his elbow. Ham Deok-ju, who started the 2022 season in a healthy state, showed a good appearance as an early middle relief pitch. He went down to the 2nd team to prepare for selection in May, but at this time he was dislocated. This time, he had a problem with his elbow muscles, and he needed long treatment and rehabilitation. He threw from the second team at the end of the season, but it was difficult to get up to the first team. 안전놀이터

3rd year at LG. Now is the time to show A season where LG also went all-in to win. Ham Deok-ju also goes all-in. If you finish this season well, you will become a free agent. It can be seen as the most important season for the team as well as personally. Ham Deok-joo expressed his anticipation for this season, saying, “I’m really good right now. I’ve been doing well since the finish camp, and I feel good.”

More important than FA is throwing the ball. “I remembered that I had fun because I was not good at baseball. I want to throw in the first team with fans and feel that feeling. I thought I wouldn’t be sick, but since I was sick, I thought about that a lot,” he said of his current state of mind.

The position has not yet been confirmed for Ham Deok-joo. He has to compete. Ham Deok-joo said, “Since new faces such as Yun Ho-sol and Kim Yu-yeong have also arrived, it is important to take a place first.”

Among LG players, he is one of the few pitchers who has won the Korean Series. “If I win, I’m happy until the start of the next season. When I fall, I get frustrated a lot. I want to feel that way,” he said. expressed a desire for

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