“I want to spare him, but…”바카라사이트

LG Twins manager Yeom Gyeom-yeop has a lot on his mind when he thinks about rookie pitcher Park Myung-geun (19). He needs to be managed because he is still new to the professional stage, but he has already become a must-win pitcher. If they want to win, they have to use him.

By Yeom’s calculations, Park had pitched about 25 innings by the end of June, but after throwing two scoreless innings against SSG in Incheon on June 28, he has now pitched a total of 35 innings.

Taking the mound as the team’s fifth pitcher in the bottom of the seventh inning with his team trailing 4-6, Park made light work of the tricky SSG lineup of Choi Jeong, Guillermo Heredia, and Park Sung-han.

Then, in the top of the eighth inning, the team scored three runs to earn the win, and he took the mound again in the bottom of the eighth. Park gave up a walk to the first batter, Choi Ji-hoon, but retired the next three batters with two flyouts and a strikeout.

Through 28 days, Park’s record is 3 wins, 5 saves, and 5 holds in 34 games with a 2.83 ERA, making him the most reliable pitcher in the LG bullpen. He’s still young and inexperienced, but he pitches with guts and gets the job done.

There’s a seasonedness to him that doesn’t come across as a rookie. This is why Yeom has no choice but to use Park Myung-geun. Yeom admitted it. “I want to spare him because he’s a rookie, but I have to use him because we need to win,” Yeom said with a laugh.

“At this point, he’s pitched more innings than I thought he would. I thought about 25 innings, but he threw 35. It’s not important now. He needs to go through a season without injury. That’s a big experience.”

However, it’s not easy for a rookie to leave a solid pitcher on the back burner when you’re in the thick of the race for first place in the regular season. This is where Yeom faces a dilemma.

“If I get sick and take a break, I’ll have problems next year. It’s very important for young players to play a full season without getting sick.” At this rate, Park Myung-geun could be in line for the Rookie of the Year title. “If you look at the grades and the content, I think Myung-geun is doing the best,” Yeom said.

Park was the only one of the rookies to attend the US spring training camp. It will be interesting to see if he can finish his first professional season healthy and make a run at the rookie title.’Come to me, home run spirit,’ pleads veteran bullpen with home run bat in hand [Busan site].

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