Hwang Jeong-mi (24) won her first championship trophy in September last year at the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour KG·Edaily Ladies Open. It was her 65th appearance on the KLPGA Tour in 2020, a feat she had achieved. Until 2016, he participated in four tournaments on the KLPGA regular tour as a tournament held by the Korea Middle and High School Golf Association and as a recommended player as “Hwang Yeo-kyung,” but when her performance did not meet expectations, she changed her name. According to his wish, she “changed the name to ‘Jung-mi’ with the goal of winning her championship”, and she finally achieved her dream.

She is a representative player in the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) where Kim Tae-hoon (38) has benefited from a name change. In 2008, he changed his name from Kim Bum-sik. After that, he won 4 wins on the KPGA Korean Tour, and in 2020, he won the Genesis Grand Prize and prize money. This season, he is about to participate in 200 tournaments that symbolize his persistence on the Korean Tour. He went to 180 competitions by last year. He is likely to achieve the record as 25 competitions are scheduled this year. In other sports, there are not a few cases of changing names in anticipation of a new start after overcoming injury or sluggishness, but domestic men’s and women’s golf is no different.

According to KPGA and KLPGA on the 27th, as of this month, 790 people have changed their names among all members of the association. The percentage of women who change their names is high. Of the total 2,886 members of the KLPGA, 403 changed their name, accounting for 14%. Among the seed holders this season, seven players have changed their names. In the KPGA, 387 people, or 5.5% of about 7,000 members, changed their names. Among them, there are 9 seed holders this season. 메이저사이트

In addition to the goal of winning, there are cases where the name is changed to improve physical and mental strength. Kim Cho-yeon (28) changed her name from Kim Do-yeon 3 with the determination to become the best regardless of her injury. He said, “It seems that I have gained a better constitution and stronger stamina through the name change.” Park Seo-jin (24) is an unusual case of choosing a new name even after winning two championships with the ‘Park Gyo-rin’ she used before changing her name. The reason was that she received a good name through the four weeks solution considering her career as a player and the long term after retirement.

One fortune teller said, “I first look at the names of those who want to change their names, and after looking at the correct Chinese character and stroke order, I come up with a name that suits my destiny.”

Even if you use the Korean name as it is and change the number at the end of the name, it is classified as a changed name. For regular members of the KLPGA, when a person with the same name registers, Arabic numerals are added in the order of entry. Lee Ji-hyeon (21), who is ranked 5th in the regular tour seed ranking this season, changed the number 6 after her name to 7. Kim Min-seon (20), the regular tour seed, was also changed from 6 to 7. It is expected that the effect of numbers symbolizing good luck. Some have changed it to 5 with the number 4 attached.

A KLPGA official explained, “Because of the negative perception of the number 4, there are often cases where people with the same name change it to a different number when they receive that number.”

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