A large crowd of Incheon United fans visit the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Incheon United will play the opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against FC Seoul at 4:30 pm on the 25th at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 먹튀검증

This Gyeongin derby is expected to be hotter than ever. The K League 1 coaches unanimously picked Incheon and Seoul as candidates for the quarterfinals on the last Media Day. It was named after Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, the absolute top two.

It is a prediction ahead of the season to the last, but it certainly stands out in terms of power. Incheon recruited Shin Jin-ho, Zerso, Mpoku, Kwon Jin-jin, Cheon Seong-hun, Kim Yeon-soo, and Kim Dae-jung, while Seoul recruited Hwang Eui-jo, Willian, Im Sang-hyeop, Kim Kyung-min, Hosam Aish, Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young, Kwon Wan-gyu, and Choi Cheol-won. The existing power was good, but it has been upgraded further.

Cloud spectators are expected to gather as there are many things to see. In particular, the number of fans away from Incheon was considerable, which was surprising. About 3,300 seats have been opened for the Sangam Expedition Seat, and 2,500 seats have now been booked. There are only about 800 seats left.

The number of reservations continues to increase until the day of the game, and it is believed that the number of seats will exceed 3,000 if the on-site reservations are combined. Based on the latest data, the largest number of away fans scrambled.

Incheon has been accompanied by numerous spectators in the past 2015 FA Cup Final (vs FC Seoul), 2019 K League 1 Final (vs Gyeongnam FC), and 2022 K League 1 Round 18 (vs FC Seoul). This time, we plan to send a voice of support to Incheon players with a larger number.

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