September 14th is the day of the rookie draft.
TOP 5 Hwang Jun-seo – Kim Taek-yeon – Jeon Mir – Yuk Seon-yeop – Kim Hwi-geon The game is unchanged.
KIA finally selects
Cho Dae-hyun at No. 6 overall, and the game changes. KT 1R Won Sang-hyun, Kiwoom 1R Jeon Jun-pyo + Kim Yun-ha, SSG 1R. Ji-Hwan Park or Hyun-Soo Jeong
are likely to be selected by Hanwha in the 2nd round, and Dong-Wook Jo is highly likely…. Is it possible?
Doosan and Lotte seem to be divided depending on SSG’s choice.
Samsung and NC 2Rs are Lim Sang-hyun and Park Jun-yong. Lee Jae-sang,
Lee Sang-jun, Lim Jong-seong, Park Jun-woo, and Yuk Cheong-myeong are also mentioned as 2R candidates.

 The day of the decisive battle has dawned. The rookie draft is a war without gunfire.

With limited information, we must select better resources. That’s the mission of scouts, and that’s why they worked hard this year. Especially these days, it has become more important to nurture new talent well due to free agent inflation. This is why many professional baseball officials focus their attention on the rookie draft.

The pitcher has been extremely strong so far this year. Pitchers are expected to be overwhelmingly strong. First of all, TOP5 is immutable.

The composition of Hwang Jun-seo (Jangchung High School), Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon High School), Jeon Mir (Gyeongbuk High School), Yuk Seon-yeop (Jangchung High School), and Kim Hwi-gun (Whimoon High School) is solid. There is no room for change.

The problem starts with number 6. The structure will vary depending on which player the Kia Tigers selects. KIA was worried about Won Sang-hyeon (Busan High School) and Cho Dae-hyun (Gangneung High School).

However, KIA ultimately selected Cho Dae-hyun as a first-round pick. Cho Dae-hyun is struggling right now, but he is evaluated as a resource that can hit 155km if he works hard. He is also a right-handed fireballer with a good RBI, which is what KIA wants. An official from one club said, “It may be lower than other candidates right now, but the high point is a fairly high resource.”

As KIA selects Cho Dae-hyun, Won Sang-hyun is expected to naturally be selected by KT. For KT, the most priority candidate for nomination is Won Sang-hyun. I have a firm determination to do it when Won Sang-hyeon comes down in his turn.

Kiwoom was initially considered to use one fielder and one pitcher, but the possibility of using two pitchers instead of fielders has become very high. It is highly likely that Seoul area aces Kim Yun-ha and Jeon Jun-pyo will be nominated one after the other.

SSG sees one left-handed pitcher and an infielder. The candidate for the left-handed pitcher nomination is college graduate Jeong Hyeon-soo, and the candidate for the fielder nomination is Park Ji-hwan. Park Ji-hwan is an infielder, but he is also evaluated as an outfielder because he has good arms, quick feet, and good contact ability, so he can be used quickly.

If a fielder is named, there is a 100% chance that Park Ji-hwan will be selected, but SSG’s choice may not be Park Ji-hwan. SSG is also watching college graduate Jeong Hyun-soo. Currently, Park Ji-hwan and Jeong Hyun-soo are at the crossroads of choosing SSG. One of the two will be chosen by SSG. The odds are half and half. In any case, there is not much room for change in the TOP 12.

This is because Hwang Jun-seo – Kim Taek-yeon – Jeon Mir – Yook Seon-yeop – Kim Hwi-geon – Cho Dae-hyun – Won Sang-hyun – Jeon Jun-pyo – Kim Yun-ha – Jeong Hyun-soo or Park Ji-hwan who will compete in the first round make up the TOP 11.

In addition, the TOP 12 is solid, including Jo Dong-wook, who is expected to be selected in the top 2nd round.

Hanwha’s 2nd round Cho Dong-wook is highly likely… Doosan and Lotte 2R depend on SSG’s selection

The keywords that dominate the second round are college graduates and left-handers. The keyword that comes to mind in the second round is left-hander. Round 2 is an unpredictable area.안전놀이터

At this point, there is no left-hander as good as Jo Dong-wook, and Hanwha’s team composition absolutely requires a left-hander. Therefore, the public opinion on the field is that there is a high possibility of Jo Dong-wook no matter who is chosen by Hanwha.

An official from one club said, “We cannot predict the second round. However, Hanwha’s team is overflowing with right-handed pitchers. There are many infielders. Because the team composition requires a left-hander, I think that no matter who comes down, Jo Dong-wook has a high chance. “Being able to select good left-handers like this one after another is an opportunity for a genius.”

Since Hanwha is unlikely to capture the No. 1 overall pick next year, some predict that Hanwha may even capture a left-handed pitcher in the 3rd round this year. Representative candidates include Kim Min-gyun of Gyeonggi High School and Son Hyun-ki of Jeonju High School.

If SSG selects Jeong Hyun-soo, Doosan has a very high possibility of Park Ji-hwan. If SSG selects Park Ji-hwan, there is a high possibility that Doosan will use Yeo Dong-geon.

Lotte also depends on SSG’s choice. If SSG selects Jeong Hyun-soo, Lotte has a high possibility of Yeo Dong-geon, and if they select Park Ji-hwan, Jeong Hyun-soo has a high possibility.

In other words, the second round between Doosan and Lotte depends on SSG’s choice.

Park Jun-yong, Im Sang-hyun, etc. are the new dark horses to lead the 2R… Lee Jae-sang, Lee Sang-jun, Yuk Cheong-myeong, and Park Jun-woo are also mentioned as 2R.

The next players are Park Jun-yong (Suseong University) and Im Sang-hyeon (Daegu Sangwon High School). In other words, these are the players most at stake with Samsung and NC. Park Jun-yong is popular because his age difference is not that big compared to high school graduates because he is a 2-year graduate, and his pitching skills and command are said to be excellent.

Im Sang-hyun is evaluated as having the highest level of completion among second-round right-handers among high school graduates. As of now, the situation is that these two players are being mentioned as top 2R players.

Other than that, the competition is fierce. Once you get past the middle rank in the second round, predictions are completely impossible from then on. Among fielders, Lee Jae-sang (Seongnam High School), Sang-jun Lee (Gyeonggi High School), and Lim Jong-seong (Gyeongbuk High School) are being talked about as second-round players.

On the pitcher side, in addition to Cho Dong-wook, Park Jun-yong, and Im Sang-hyeon mentioned above, Yuk Cheong-myeong (Gangneung High School), Park Jun-woo (Yusin High School), and Jin Woo-young (formerly Kansas City) are players who are being talked about in the second round.

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