Liverpool are interested in Federico Chiesa .

Juventus was recently suspended by the Italian Football Confederation (FIGC). The charge of manipulating the accounting books was admitted, and Juventus was given a 15-point reduction and suspension of duties for officials. The 15-point deduction was applied immediately, bringing Juventus down to 10th in an instant. Juventus, which ran on a winning streak until losing to Napoli and entered the championship race, suddenly became a mid-table team in the league.

Not only was the championship far away, but the participation in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season became uncertain. Currently, 4th place AS Roma and 5th place Inter Milan have 37 points, a difference of 14 points from Juventus. Juventus advanced to the UCL almost every season, but it is unclear whether they will be able to earn the right to participate in the UCL this season as well. Rather, I think it would be fortunate if I participated in the UEFA Europa League (UEL). 스포츠토토

The departure of players is also a concern. The players who play for Juventus are not at Juventus to play for a team that competes in the mid-table or UEL. Most of the players came to Juventus to challenge for the Italian Serie A championship and the UCL championship. However, the current situation of the team is bleak. There will definitely be players who will leave the team for the sake of their careers. For the same reason, it is expected that there will be players who will be shaken by suggestions from other teams.

Liverpool are the first to show interest in the Juventus player. Italy’s Calcio Mercato reports that Liverpool are interested in Chiesa as a replacement for Mohamed Salah. Salah, who won the English Premier League (EPL) top scorer last season and has been responsible for Liverpool’s attack for several seasons since joining Liverpool, is now being evaluated that his skills are not the same as before. Liverpool want to replace Salah with Chiesa before Salah’s aging progresses further.

The media said, “Chiesa wants to recover after a difficult year with an injury suffered last year, but he will not ignore the interest of teams like Liverpool. Liverpool will pay at least 60 million euros to sign Chiesa. (Approximately 80.6 billion won) will be needed,” he said, even mentioning the specific transfer fee.

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