Seo Jun-won is making the baseball world shake every day.

The Lotte Giants immediately released Seo Jun-won, the first designated pitcher, on the day the problem came out of the world. Seo Jun-won is no longer a professional baseball player. Seo Joon-won claims that he “didn’t know he was a minor,” and the prosecution’s conflicting claim that he “knew he was a minor in advance” only had to be confronted in court.

Then, if Seo Jun-won is found to be먹튀검증 ‘not guilty’ during the investigation, will he be able to play for another team? The answer is ‘no’.

Regardless of the trial result, the reaction of the baseball world is cold. Even if he did not know that he was a minor, and even if he sent and received the photos under mutual agreement, the field reaction was that it would not be easy for him to live as a professional baseball player.

An official from a club who requested anonymity said, “It is really not easy. Sin is so bad School violence or drunk driving is another problem. This is especially true in cases of sexual involvement with minors. This is an action that a professional baseball player should not do regardless of the trial result. Even if innocence emerges as a result of the trial, it will not be easy for any club to reach out.”

Seo Jun-won is accused of sending obscene pictures to a minor in a random chat last August. The exact name of the charge is violation of the Child and Youth Protection Act (production and distribution of sexual exploitation materials, etc.).

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