“This year, don’t do things well only in the beginning.”

It was called ‘Super Rookie’. He came to the pros in a flashy light. It felt a bit like ‘yongdusami’. It was all the more so because the expectations were high. I’m looking forward to 2023. Full of confidence too. The preparations are going well. The main character is Kim Do-young (20), the new KIA lead-off.

It attracted attention even before joining in 2022. Two outstanding players from the Gwangju region appeared at the same time. Doyoung Kim and Dongju Moon. Both are 1st nominations. KIA nominated Kim Do-young after much consideration. Hanwha naturally embraced Moon Dong-ju.

Kim Do-yeong flew wildly in the demonstration game. He went 19-for-44 with 2 homers, 5 RBIs, 7 runs scored and 3 stolen bases for a .432 batting average in 12 games. OPS reached 1.098. It was said that it was the appearance of a super-special rookie, and the expectations of KIA fans also skyrocketed.

However, the regular league was not easy. He played in 103 games, with a batting average of .237, 3 homers, 19 RBI, 37 points, 13 stolen bases, and an OPS of .674. He’s not exactly the worst to say, but considering his performance in exhibition games, it’s a shame.

He gritted his teeth and prepared for the 2023 season. Coincidentally, this year, the 1st team spring camp is also together. I trained in a warm place, so I made my body well. It is satisfactory in many ways. Director Kim Jong-guk also said, “Last year, the beginning of the season was not well prepared. I came prepared well this year. He has a personality that blends well into the team. I keep asking for advice from my coaches and seniors. If there are no injuries, I think I will do much better than last year. He is doing very well,” he stressed.

It’s good from practice right now. In the game against Samsung on the 1st, he played the first batter as a third baseman and exploded with 3 hits, 2 RBIs and 1 stolen base in 5 at-bats. The team also won 9-1. In the match against Lotte on the 3rd, he played as the first shortstop, but was silent with no hits. 스포츠토토

In the game against Samsung on the 5th, he played as the number 1 shortstop and flew again with 2 hits, 3 runs and 1 steal in 3 at-bats. 3 games total batting average 0.417, 2 RBI, 3 runs, 2 steals. In defense, he also showed off his stamina. He did a great job as the assault captain.

Kim Do-young said, “Last year, I couldn’t properly hold the spring camp. He entered the season unfinished. This year, we are hosting camp from scratch. I’m not hurt, and I’m going to the game. thank god. much better than last year It’s different this time. I am doing everything from start to finish. We are preparing easily,” he explained.

“We are filling in the missing parts. I modified my form during the off-season, but I am making it my own. Satisfied. If I go out as a starter at the beginning of this season, even if it doesn’t go well, I don’t think I’ll fall deeply into it because I have experience from last year. I think it will help a lot. The defense continues to improve. always confident No matter where I am, I will take the opportunity if given,” he said with strength.

We also talked about the opening game. “Still, I think I might get a hit. I think that this season will work out well. Even if I go the same way as last year, I will think positively. Last season, he was in the spotlight a lot. It doesn’t seem like a burden anymore. I still can’t feel it. Even if I go in, I think I will feel less than last year.”

To the fans, “I think it would be a good thing for the fans to settle down. I am also aiming. I want to show a good image in front of the fans. I couldn’t show you last year. I am sorry. This year, I want to show only what I do well.”

The talent is certain. A player like this ate a year’s experience. He is also in full spring camp for the first time. He has a lot of room to improve. So I look forward to it. Now he is 20 years old. All he had to do was stretch out. He doesn’t seem to have anything to shine in the first half.

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