“Now, no matter what crisis comes, I will be able to break through.”

Now that the hassle for spring volleyball continues, there are those who compete more fiercely than anyone else for the third place. Woori Card and KEPCO.

KEPCO took a reverse sweep victory with a set score of 3-2 (24-26, 21-25, 25-21, 25-22, 15-8) in the 5th round match against Woori Card on the 12th, and took 2 precious points. come.

Now they stand shoulder to shoulder. The victory points are the same at 41 points, but Woori Card maintains 3rd place with 14 wins and KEPCO with 13 wins. One victory point is really valuable. In this situation, KEPCO won two valuable points.

Shin Young-seok himself revealed the reason why reverse sweep was possible. He said, “I lost the previous game, so the atmosphere was a bit down. After losing the 1st and 2nd sets, I thought that I shouldn’t be like this in the 3rd set. Since the captain was not on the court, I felt a sense of responsibility to lead him. I calmed down there,” he said.

“I was disappointed in myself as well. I suddenly thought that I shouldn’t lose like this. I tried to change the atmosphere by running first.”

I couldn’t leave out the mention of the fierce spring volleyball fight. Shin Young-seok said, “I had a strong desire for spring volleyball from the time I transferred to KEPCO. It is vivid that at that time, I was not able to go up because I lacked 1 point. Knowing this kind of pain, 1 victory point is so precious. There are still 8 games left. I have to work with the thought that every match is the last.”

Looking at the current KEPCO, it is hard to believe that it is a team that has won 9 consecutive losses. That’s why the recent momentum is fierce. What kind of effort was there?

Shin Young-seok said, “It was so frustrating. I was disappointed and scared of myself. Losing felt like nothing. It was the first time I lost 9 times in a row, but as time passed, I thought it would be a really big deal. I thought that if I let go, I would be able to go on to 20 consecutive losses instead of 10,” recalling the nightmare at the time.

Just as it becomes sunny after rain, KEPCO overcame the crisis. He said, “At some point, I don’t know what the trigger was, but I ended the losing streak. At that time, it was also a dramatic victory in the 5th set against Woori Card. I thought this victory was a stepping stone to a winning streak. I do not know. I prepared well during the losing streak, but it didn’t work. It must have been difficult for everyone. Because I overcame this crisis, I will be able to break through any crisis now.”

Also, “When I was at Hyundai Capital, I always had the right to win. Learn a lot from the current situation. Riding up and down a roller coaster. A good team will do well no matter what. It’s lacking a lot, but I think I was able to balance well with Cheol-woo hyung while transferring to KEPCO,” he said shyly. 바카라사이트

Married men. what about the parties “I can’t even sleep well. It’s fun to watch, but my blood is dry. Divide by 1 or 2 points. As a volleyball box office, it is fun. The same goes for women’s volleyball. It’s now a situation where you don’t know who will win. We have to succeed in this kind of tension,” he said, looking for a positive part.

“Currently, men’s volleyball is behind women’s volleyball, but if we grow further, I think it will create synergy together. After saying, “I am proud of women’s volleyball,” “Women’s volleyball went to the Olympics. I couldn’t go out… ”He laughed.

Shin Young-seok added 6 blocks that day and rose to the top spot in blocking. Regarding this, “Actually, I don’t have the energy to think about records right now. Even if you catch one blocking, you have to do your best for that one. Now, I have to do something to help the team win in terms of contributions.”

Spring volleyball has not yet been confirmed. I don’t know how the rest of the game will turn out. That’s why you need to be more prepared. From a veteran’s point of view, what do the teams need to improve on?

He said, “If you talk numerically, our team is at the bottom in receiving. He makes consecutive mistakes in strong serves and has difficulty with sets. Each team has strong servers. In the next game against OK Financial Group, strong servers such as Leo and Song Myeong-geun should quit at once when it is their turn. If you run the side out well, you won’t be pushed behind in terms of serve, blocking, and offense. We have to prepare for the strong serve,” he said, revealing his determination for the next game.

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