As the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) situation has been sorted out to some extent, 10 KBO League teams have left spring camp abroad again. For the past two years, I did field training in Korea, but when the conditions eased, I went abroad as if I had waited.

In fact, spring camp is money-eating. There are 40 to 50 players in the team, including players and coaching staff, and the number is even higher if the front desk and support staff are included. From the time they leave the camp until they return, every minute and every second is money. In particular, in the case of the United States, prices have risen significantly compared to 2-3 years ago, and each club has a lot of worries. Even so, leaving the battery training is because it has that effect. There are many problems with training in cold Korea, such as the risk of injury and the conditioning of players.

However, not everything is good abroad. If there are restrictions, the training effect is halved.

Until the 2010s, it was a trend for KBO League clubs to borrow training facilities from major league teams. Major league clubs go in first and utilize the facilities before full-fledged spring training. However, in recent years, this trend has declined significantly. There is a reason. This is because there are many restrictions to use the facilities of major league clubs. It is the sorrow of living in three rooms.

Even if the training facilities are rented, major league clubs’ schedules come first, so they have to fit in here. In addition, major league players join the camp faster than before, and recently, young rookie league players join the camp first and proceed with training, so the place for the KBO league teams has become narrower. This is the reason why the trend is changing to prefer a single stadium even if the facilities are somewhat inferior.

LG found a good compromise. The facilities and environment are good, and it has been staggeringly settled in a place where there is no need to notice the major league clubs. LG uses the San Francisco training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, this year. It is the place that San Francisco, which does spring training every year in Arizona, used until moving to the current facility. The club and players have left, but the facilities remain. 온라인바카라

There are two sides of a regular standard baseball field that can only be used by LG, and there is also an auxiliary field. There is also an indoor training center, so you can do everything from simple weight training here. LG is improving training efficiency by sharing one side with fielders and one side with pitchers and sometimes sharing them together. It is close to the accommodation here. It only takes 4-5 minutes by bus. Athletes who want to exercise during travel time simply walk. There is not much time to waste.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, the head of the field, has experience of holding camps in Arizona, such as Surprise, when he was coaching Nexen, and in Vero Beach, Florida, when he was coaching SK. However, director Yeom was satisfied with the above reasons, saying, “The facilities and environment here are the best.” This is the reason why I always say “thank you” to the front desk for finding the training location well.

Director Yeom said, “The front desk prepared the camp facilities very well. The environment is very good, and there are two baseball fields and an auxiliary pitch. The conditions for training are good.” Since they come in about the 10th day, it becomes a situation where we use them while paying attention. However, we use this place completely. It is a facility where major league players stood, so the locker space is very good. Out of all the stadiums I have been to camp so far, the conditions are the best. There is,” he praised.

The weather, which was chilly until the end of January, returned to mildness from February. It’s only a bit chilly in the morning, but when the sun starts to set properly after 10 o’clock, the weather becomes perfect for training. The training conditions are close to perfect, so now it remains to prepare for the season efficiently using the facilities.

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