Day One Sports’ One Two Punch also showed a solid color.

Day One Sports lost a solid one-two punch after the end of the 안전놀이터2021-2022 season. Lee Seung-hyeon (197cm, F), who was released as a free agent, wore the Jeonju KCC uniform, and Lee Dae-seong (190cm, G), who was the main scorer, went to Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu in a cash trade.

However, Day One Sports showed fans a new one-two punch. Shooter Jeon Seong-hyeon (188cm, F) and second-year guard Lee Jung-hyeon (187cm, G) were like that. Both of them captured the hearts of Goyang fans with their long shooting distance, and the power of the two made Day One Sports a team that exceeded expectations.

# Jeon Seong-hyun, who made history

[Jeon Seong-hyun, 2022-2023 regular league average record]
1. Matches: 50 matches (joint 3rd place in the team)
2. Play time: 31 minutes 49 seconds
3. Scored: 17.6 points (2nd place in the team) )
4. Assists: 2.6 (4th in the team) 5. Number of
successful 3-point shots: 3.4 (1st overall)
6. 3-point shooting success rate: 37.5% (2nd in the team)
Off average record]
1. Matches played: 2 matches
2. Played time: 16 minutes 27 seconds
3. Points: 7.0 points
4. Assists: 2.0 5.
Number of successful 3-pointers: 2.0
6. Success rate of 3-pointers: 44.4%
[ Jeon Seong-hyun, 2022-2023 quarterfinal playoff average record]
1. Matches: 4 matches
2. Play time: 26 minutes and 58 seconds
3. Score: 8.3 points
4. Number of successful 3-point shots: 2.3 5.
Success rate of 3-point shots: 29.0 %

Jeon Seong-hyun obtained FA qualification after the end of the 2021-2022 season. Instead of the original club, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, he chose Day One Sports, a new club. This is because the influence of his mentor, director Kim Seung-gi, was great.
Day One Sports treated Jeon Seong-hyun. Jeon Seong-hyun’s heart was captured under the condition of ‘a total of 750 million won in remuneration for the 2022-2023 season (salary: 600 million won, incentive: 150 million won)’ in the ‘contract period of 4 years’.
However, there were no top players such as Byun Jun-hyung (185cm, G) – Moon Seong-gon (195cm, F) – Yang Hee-jong (195cm, F) – Oh Se-geun (200cm, C) in Day One Sports. The situation where Jeon Seong-hyun has to stand alone. The burden on Jeon Seong-hyun was great.
However, despite the lack of point guards and screeners to save him, Jeon Seong-hyun recorded ’76 consecutive 3-pointers’, the most in KBL history. It was to the point where he felt like ‘if he shoots, he will go in’. He also summoned his legendary senior shooters.
However, Jeon suffered a cochlear injury in the second half of the regular season. The cochlea is the part of the body that affects the body’s sense of balance. This was not good news for Jeon Seong-hyun, whose shooting balance is important.
In the meantime, Day One Sports recorded 1 win and 2 losses until the 3rd game of the playoffs in the round of 6. One more loss and the season is over. So, Jeon Seong-hyun asked to be included in the entry for the 4th round of the playoffs in the round of 6. After showing such a fighting spirit, Carrot advanced to the playoffs in the quarterfinals with 3 wins and 2 losses.
However, Carrot was tired, and Jeon Seong-hyun, who was not 100%, showed limitations. In the semifinal playoffs, they lost to Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation with 1 win and 3 losses. I had to say goodbye to the home fans by saying, “Please look forward to the next season.”

# Lee Jeong-hyun, Kim Seung-gi’s new man

[Lee Jung-hyun, 2022-2023 regular league average record]
1. Matches: 52 matches (1st place in the team)
2. Play time: 34 minutes and 2 seconds (1st place overall)
3. Score: 15.0 [
_ Lee Jung-hyun, 2022~2023 round of 6 playoff average record]
1. Matches: 5 matches
2. Play time: 36 minutes and 46 seconds (1st place in the team)
3. Points: 24.0 points (2nd place in the team)
4. Assists: 2.8 (2nd in team) 5. Number of
successful paint zone shots: 6.2 (2nd in team)
6. Number of successful 3-point shots: 1.8 (3rd in team)
1. Matches: 4 matches
2. Playtime: 31 minutes and 43 seconds (2nd in the team)
3. Points: 15.3 points (tie for 5th among PO players in the semifinals)
4. Assists: 5.3 (1 overall) Above)
5. Number of successful 3-pointers: 2.0 (T-3 among PO players in the semifinals)

Coach Seung-gi Kim said before the start of the 2022-2023 season, “The first task is to create a framework for the team. To do that, you need to bring up potential players. Lee Jung-hyun is a representative resource,” he said, emphasizing the growth of Lee Jung-hyun.
He taught Lee Jung-hyun harshly. He refined basic things such as bounce pass and defensive posture. He dictated too many things to see from the outside. Also, Lee Jung-hyun was given a lot of playing time. I was concerned about Lee Jung-hyun’s overload.
Nevertheless, Lee Jung-hyun did most of what was given. Coach Kim Seung-gi also said during the season, “Now I am a league A player. However, in order to become an S-class player, he has to do more than he does now.”
Day One Sports finished the regular season in 5th place. Lee Jung-hyun’s power was great. In addition, Day One Sports qualified for the playoffs by paying the balance of the special subscription fee.
Jeon Seong-hyun was missing, but Lee Jung-hyun did his part. However, after carrying the burden of various players, Lee Jung-hyun’s strength was also drained. However, there were no fans who criticized Lee Jung-hyun for being weak. Because of Lee Jung-hyun, Day One Sports produced more than expected results.

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