Na Won-tak (29), the “largest catcher with a college graduate,” whom the Lotte Giants selected as the free agent compensation player for Kang Min-ho (38, Samsung Lions) six years ago, announced his retirement from active duty.메이저사이트

On the 30th, Round Table Na announced on his SNS, “Hello, I am Round Table Na, a former professional baseball player. Through an interview with the club, we have terminated his contract on May 23 due to an arbitrary termination.”

Seokgyocho – Sekwangjung – Segwangjoong – Na Won-tak, who graduated from Hongik University, is called the greatest college graduate catcher, and was nominated by Samsung with the 19th overall in the 2nd round of the 2017 rookie draft. However, Samsung’s first-team record was only 0.217 batting average in 12 games in 2017, and in November 2017, he was selected as Kang Min-ho’s compensation player and attracted attention.

He seldom fully developed his skills at Lotte. He recorded his batting average of 0.125 in the 2018 season and finished his military service first. In the 2021 season, he turned to an outfielder by using his strong shoulder, and in the middle of the season, he climbed the mound and tried to work with Dae-woo Kim and Kyun-an Na.

However, both the pitcher and the fielder failed to achieve results, and eventually took off the uniform, leaving a KBO record of 0.167 batting average (8 hits in 48 at-bats) in 33 games as a hitter and an ERA of 12.46 without a win or loss in 10 games as a pitcher.

Na Won-tak said, “I have changed positions to become the players needed by the club as an outfielder, first baseman and pitcher, but I have felt the pain of not being able to produce results and the regret of being a catcher in a corner of my heart.” I have chosen to retire.

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